Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Canada 2 - USA 1: More Crosby Sweetness

How popular is Sidney Crosby? Popular enough that the People's Daily Online of CHINA is reporting on his and Team Canada's exploits.

So, after reading about Crosby's awesomeness, you can get your fill of the 'truth' as the Chinese government would have you believe.


Rookie Sidney Crosby continued his torrid scoring pace as Canada edged the United States 2-1 on Tuesday to complete their preliminary round play at the world ice hockey championships with an unbeaten record.

In other action, Sergejs Naumovs made 17 saves after Latvia gave Slovenia an early goal then roared back to secure a 5-1 victory and a place in the second round, triggering another night of wild celebrations in Riga.

Defending champions the Czech Republic continued to struggle but also advanced after holding on to earn a 3-3 tie with Finland.

Earlier in the day, Tore Vikingstad had a goal and set up three others as Norway powered to a 6-3 win over Scandinavian rivals Denmark to secure third place in Group D and a spot in the qualification round.

Preliminary round play concludes with four games on Wednesday with the top three teams in each of the four groups moving into the qualification round.

The four teams at the bottom of each of the standings slip into relegation play.

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