Saturday, May 06, 2006

WC: Sid the Kid set to shine

Be sure to check out for continuing coverage of the World Championships in Riga.

Andrew Podnieks of has a look at Sidney Crosby and his senior team initiation.

Crosby's youthful enthusiasm for the game was most evident when, during the final days of Pittsburgh's schedule, he accepted the invitation to play for Team Canada in Latvia. Did he consider taking a vacation? Fatigue? Rest? "No, not at all. I don't think I've ever had that thought cross my mind. It's a dream and honour to play, and if that's crossing your mind then your mind isn't in the right place. Every time I’ve played for Team Canada it's been a great experience."

Besides, Crosby used much of the break between NHL and the IIHF World Championship to rest. More important, the time off gave him a chance to re-focus: he's going from a team that lost most nights to a team that expects to win gold in Latvia. "Whether you're on a winning team or losing team, there are always challenges," he explained. "When you're losing it's an uphill battle and you're always fighting for wins which are so tough to get. When you're expected to win, there's not a lot of room for error. You always play to win, and as Canadians we always expect to win, so I don't think things will change this year [in Riga]."

Crosby also expects the top level international experience will make him a better player, something that is foremost on his mind every minute of every day. "There are so many good teams now, and I know over in Europe the World Championships are important for a lot of countries and they take it really seriously. Playing in a tournament like that with so many great players will help me get a lot better a lot faster."
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