Thursday, May 04, 2006

Crosby for Calder: Part Deux

The "Crosby for Calder" brigade has increased by a whopping 100%!!!

Michael the Hockey Fanatic joins in on the parade and gives his 'non-sabermetric' reasoning why Sidney Crosby should win the Calder instead of Alexander Ovechkin.

His conclusion...
The only reason that the mediots who think Ovechkin deserves the Calder is because it should be anybody but Crosby.

And of course, I'm aware of some of the other players who were once thought of as Calder rookie candidates. You can eliminate Marek Svatos, the young Slovak phenom in Colorado because he got hurt in the last couple of months in the season and his publicity faded off too early for the Calder-voting mediots to remember. Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist disappeared at the end of the season and got his team swept in the playoffs, so that disqualifies him.

Sidney Crosby is rookie of the year. Deal with it, haters.

You can read the full post here.

Of course, Michael is a Penguins fan. No bias here. Nope. None whatsoever :)

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