Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Orr to Crosby: Get some Help!

Bobby Orr, a true winner in his own right, chirps in with his opinion of The Cros, c/o Shawna Richer, the Crosby Stalker.

Like Mr. Crosby, Mr. Orr was just 18 when he made his NHL debut in the 1966-67 season. Like Mr. Crosby, he excelled on a losing team.

But no one will forget how, just a few years later, in May, 1970, he led the Bruins to their first Stanley Cup in nearly three decades. One of the most famous sports photographs ever taken captured the handsome, crewcut defenceman flying outstretched through the air after being tripped as he scored the championship-winning goal in overtime. The team won again in 1971-72, as Mr. Orr again scored the Cup-winning goal.

"The right things need to happen to win a championship," Mr. Orr said. "It takes a team effort. We had Dallas Smith and Gary Doak and a lot of guys who weren't the ones you were reading about every day in the papers, but they were an important part of what we built and it couldn't have happened without them.

"If you look at the Penguins, they have [Evgeni] Malkin waiting to come over, Marc-André who is a very good goaltender, Colby Armstrong who can play with Crosby, and Ryan Whitney and Noah Welch, who are both pretty good young defencemen. They've got some good players; they're going to have to add a few more and develop some."
It's obvious advice, but it's true. One player can't win hockey games alone. Even Dominik Hasek in his prime couldn't do that because he was unable to score goals. Mario Lemieux had a fine supporting case when the Pens won their 2 cups (Francis, Coffey, etc). It's up to the new, mystery, GM to make sure to give their young kinds some real help. None of this John LeClair BS.

Full article here.

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