Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sitting down with Sidney Crosby

As the season comes to a close, we can expect lots of 'look-back' articles.

Mike Ulmer of the Toronto Sun has a nice feature on Sidney Crosby's 'eventful' first season in the NHL. Sidney really has almost seen it all (apart from a playoff spot and some wins)

Here was Sidney Crosby, sitting in the lavish lobby of the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia, a hotel so brazenly exclusive it has no outdoor sign.

He was wearing a nicely tailored navy suit, with the collar open and the tie tucked away somewhere for safekeeping.

He fit right in with a room full of powerful corporate types but as usual, he was the youngest person in the room.

He had been thinking hard for about 15 seconds. The question was tying him up in a way no NHL defenceman has been able to: What one word sums your season?

"The first word to me has been fun," he said, "but if you want me to put the season in a category, it would be ... eventful."
You can read the entire article, which is quite interesting, over here.

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