Monday, October 23, 2006

Sidney Crosby's new NHL spot

How would you like to wake up to Sidney Crosby in your shower? I'm sure most of my readers would love that, but I'd probably become a national villain after I axed him to death.

Nobody has YOUTUBED the damn thing yet, but here is a direct link to the video clip of Sidney's new NHL "Game On!" TV spot. It's pretty amusing at the end.


Penguins center Sidney Crosby appears in a new batch of 30-second, humorous NHL "Game On!" promotional ads that premiered on TV last night. They are designed to remind fans that the season has started.

In one, a couple wakes up to find Crosby, in full uniform, standing in their shower. As Crosby leaves, he flushes the toilet, leaving the male resident screaming from a surge of hot water.

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