Monday, April 02, 2007

Is Sidney Crosby Soothing?

Can watching Sidney Crosby soothe the soul and ease the mind?

It certainly can, if you watch his exploits, rather than some thuggish activity that seems to make all of the headlines.


Here's a suggestion for critics of hockey; instead of complaining about the problem of violence in the sport just sit down on the couch and actually watch Sidney Crosby play a game.

How many times do we need to see the image of Chris Simon whacking Ryan Hollweg in the face with his stick or watch as Todd Fedoruk gets carried off the ice on a stretcher after getting knocked out in a fight?

That's not to say that those incidents aren't important, but there are also amazing things happening in hockey and a great deal of them come from the stick of a certain 19-year-old scoring machine from Nova Scotia.

To be fair, when the sports news channels do find the time to report on hockey and there isn't a scandal to talk about, they are likely to mention Crosby before all other players. And with good reason because the future of the Penguins franchise is lighting up the scoreboard and making his team a force to be reckoned with in the Eastern Conference.

Sure, there are plenty of thugs in the NHL that damage the sport with their violent antics, but are those incidents so prevalent that we should forget how great hockey can be when someone as skilled as Crosby takes the ice? I think not.

Well, we know the media, especially in the USoA, loves violence and unusual events. Sidney doing amazing things with the puck is fun to watch, but not that unusual. Seeing Chris Simon hack Ryan Hollweg across the face is NOT the usual activity in hockey, despite with some mediots might want you to think.

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