Friday, November 09, 2007

The Calm Before The Storm

It's Friday, and for the Penguins it is a day off. However, it feels, as the title suggests, like the calm before the storm. Tomorrow night's game in Philadelphia is a chance for the Pens to go back to .500, but after Wednesday's game against the Flyers (and that awful loss against the Rangers last night), a win is by no means a guarantee. There is a good chance that the Flyers will use this game to make another statement. They've already proved that this year's Flyers team is a complete 180 of last year's Flyers team. They've got loads of talent, and they refuse to be pushed around. But hopefully, the Penguins will approach this game with the sting of the last two consecutive losses and work to redeem themselves with a big win. The game starts at 7:00pm Eastern. Be sure to tune in (if you don't get it on cable, you can try this website). I'm sure it's going to be anything but boring...

Bring it, Briere. the meantime, I've got something you can do to pass the time. The Sidney Crosby Show has formed an alliance of sorts with a growing hockey forum called The NHL Arena. You should check it out and sign up to join if you like forums and interacting with other hockey fans. I will be making the occasional appearance over there to talk about hockey, the Penguins, and (of course) Mr. Sidney Crosby. If you happen to be a fan of another team, don't sweat it - there are forums at The Arena for every NHL team. For easy access, I've included a link to it in our Forums section of our blogroll. Just look for the following graphic on the right side of your screen:

I'll leave you to start your weekend with a video. Friend of The Show Crystal W. sent in a link to her favorite Sid commercial. In it, he's modeling the then-new RbK Edge jersey. Enjoy!

Pens v Flyers 11-10-07 @ 7:00pm Eastern
(I want at least a 3-goal win for an early birthday present!)

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