Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dapper Dan Sid

I am hoarse. Last night was AMAZING. Our seats were nosebleed city - my friend Shannon and I were two rows down from the highest seats in the Bryce Jordan Center, LOL. (If you check out this BJC seating chart graphic, we were in section 210.) But the tickets were free, so we didn't complain. We saw Neverset (Meh, they were good, but it wasn't really my cup of tea. Nice guys, though. More on that in a minute...), Seether (Good music, but they didn't really do anything exciting. They just stood at their mics as they played.), Three Days Grace (WOW. INCREDIBLE.), and Breaking Benjamin (Also INCREDIBLE.).

And while we didn't see Sidney at the show because as you may or may not know, he was accepting yet another award, we did see the Neverset guys roaming the Bryce Jordan Center corridor. We didn't have any markers for autographs, but they were gracious enough to pose for this picture for me:

Here's what happened with the guy on the far left: As they got together and posed, I said, "Are you ready? Okay..." He must have assumed that my saying "Okay" signified that I had snapped the photo. I told him it was blurry, and he joked that it was okay because he wasn't an important member of the band. I didn't really believe him, but if you go to their website, he's not on it, LOL! Anyways, there was no time for a do-over, because other fans were swarming in to get pictures and talk to them, too.

Back to Sid: He collected his Dapper Dan hardware last night. Here's a little of what he had to say (from the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette):
"It's very humbling to be up here again this year," Crosby told the weeknight crowd of 1,000-plus. "It definitely means a lot. Obviously, I have to thank my teammates."

"It's been a tough second half for me with the high ankle sprain," Crosby added, referring to the mid-January injury that caused him to miss 21 games, play three, then sit out seven more. That limited him to 52 games thus far, with 22 goals and 69 points, but it didn't hamper the young Penguins, who went 16-8-4 in his absence. "I think our team has shown a lot of character. I can't say how proud I am to see the guys respond like they did.

"We have a young team, but I think we all realize how lucky we are to play in a city with a great sports tradition. ... I feel fortunate to be a part of that [Sportsman] group and represent the city."
We're VERY lucky to have you, too, Sid! Congrats on winning the award for the second year in a row!!!

Okay, so I recorded a video at the concert last night for you guys, but I'm not going to post it. We were erroneously informed that we could not have cameras inside the concert, so I left my good one in my car and used the one on my cell phone. THE QUALITY IS AWFUL. It takes decent photos and videos, BUT the sheer volume of the music during the concert makes the video practically unbearable to listen to. So instead, I am posting this video and dedicating it to the Flyers:

Now, I HAVE TO GET READY TO TAKE A ROAD TRIP TO PITTSBURGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm not going to be able to speak at all tomorrow, haha!) It's fan appreciation night, so cross your fingers - I'm really hoping to win something a little cooler than a free newspaper this year... :D

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