Saturday, April 19, 2008

Stuff To Do While You Wait For Round 2

I was trolling around the Internet yesterday when I found this Stanley Cup trivia quiz. It's 10 questions about Lord Stanley's history. Then when you're done with that, you can take this general hockey quiz from the same site.

I have a glimpse of that upcoming movie from Mike Myers called "The Love Guru." Recall that this was the movie he was filming when he made an appearance at the October 13, 2007 Pens v Leafs game.

Anyways, the plot of the movie is that Myers is a "love guru" (big surprise, right?) who needs to help a fictional Toronto Maple Leafs player fix his marriage in order for said player to be in winning mode for the Stanley Cup finals. And if you haven't heard the joke yet, it is that the only way the Leafs can win a Cup is in the movies. :P

Oh! And BE WARNED: At the 2:05 mark, Justin Timberlake makes an appearance - in a banana hammock! (← Yikes. NO man looks good in those!)

If you want to see more clips, go to The Love Guru's YouTube page. There's also supposed to be a segment on NHL TV, but it wouldn't play for me. But there is a reason I'm including the link here: There is a poll asking who is the most exciting player in the NHL today. Our man is on the list (of course) and so is GENO! But here is a glimpse of who is currently in the (commanding) lead:

GET ON OVER THERE AND VOTE FOR SID!!! Actually, I don't care if you vote for Sid or Geno - they are both equally exciting, creative players - just make sure you vote enough times that Ovie loses some of that edge.

Hey, Hillary: You can vote for Sid...

Good Friend of The Show Michelle B. sent over a few Penguins articles for us. The first one proves that CNN's Wolf Blitzer is kind of slow (from Shelly Anderson of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette):
You never know where Sidney Crosby's name might come up. Recently, the Penguins star center was mentioned on CNN during, of all things, a political discussion about Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Barack Obama and the upcoming Pennsylvania presidential primary.

In talking about Clinton, Dick Armey, former House majority leader, told host Wolf Blitzer, "I think if she would get Sidney Crosby to come out strong for her, he could sew up the whole state for her right now. He's probably the most popular person in the entire state."

To which Blitzer replied, "Who's Sidney Crosby? ... I thought he was talking about Bill Cosby for a second."
WOW. Really, Wolf? You've never heard of the new face of the NHL? I'm shocked. You seem like such a jock! :P

Anyhoo, it wouldn't matter who Sid would endorse anyways because he's still a Canadian citizen. He can't vote in US elections, so his endorsement would be mere lip service.

...but he can't vote for you.

The second article she sent has some details about the Pens' first practice after annihilating the Senators in round 1 (from The Times Online):
Just because the Pittsburgh Penguins reported back to work, it doesn’t mean they were all business Saturday morning.

The Penguins, who practiced at Mellon Arena for the first time since dispatching the Ottawa Senators in four games Wednesday night, will have to go a week without a game until the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs begin. Thus, it was a rather casual affair.

While some have argued the merits of rust or rest, the Penguins would clearly prefer the latter to recover.
The benefits of resting are plentiful for the players, but all this down time is hell for us fans!!! ;) By the way, all of today's pictures of Sid in the white practice jersey come from yesterday's practice and scrimmage game.

Check out the beard on BGL!!!

Finally today, this is for my Pittsburgh area Friends: DON'T MAKE ANY PLANS FOR THIS SATURDAY AT 3:00pm. You should reserve that spot in your schedule and go to the Ice Castle Arena to watch the Pittsburgh Celebrity Hockey Team (which includes the likes of Phil Bourque, Bryan Trottier, and Craig Patrick - click here for the entire roster) and the Pittsburgh Pharaohs will play a benefit game to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Tickets are only $7.00 for adults and $5.00 for kids under 12. You should go!!! Where else can you see several NHL legends play for less than ten bucks?! Get all the details you need, including driving directions to the Ice Castle, here at the Pharaohs' website.

Big thanks to Michelle B. for the links. Remember - we're one day closer...

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!

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