Monday, August 11, 2008

Crosby Cakes

No, it's not a cheesy new nickname for the Saint! :P Some of our Friends of The Show celebrated Sid's birthday with some confections inspired by the man himself. Here are a few pictures of their sugary Sid creations.

Philly Lindsay, who has said that she feels like the lone Pens fan in the City of Brotherly Love, made this cake for Sid (she chose Winter Classic blue for the icing color). She was nice enough to share the cake with her coworkers, and upon learning the cake was for Sidney, her boss told her that he wouldn't have eaten it had he known:

Danielle from CT sent in this picture of a tray of cookies that her friend Ashley made in honor of Siddo's big day:

Sara from Vaughan and her friend celebrated Sid's 21st by making penguin cupcakes:

Switching gears a bit, Friend Cathy F. sent in this link to an interview that the Saint gave to Pittsburgh radio station 105.9 The X. As of the publication of this post, it is the fifth interview down in the list. (Just look for "Tim Benz with Sidney Crosby 8/6".) Make sure you check the station's interview archives for a handful of older chats with Sid. :)

I found this article last week. The Olympics in Beijing have been plagued by the city's horrible smog problem. The British think they've found a way to combat the problem:
The British women's hockey team are wearing red contact lenses to train for the Olympics because of the smog in China.

This just looks so creepy.

Goalkeeper Beth Storry [snoop: She is shown in the photo above.] and her team-mates were affected by hazy conditions as they played on the island of Macau, near Hong Kong which, like Beijing, is blanketed in pollution. The lenses help focus in the smog.
Now if only they could come up with a way to protect the athletes' lungs...

Ali W. helped out with TSCS's Quote of The Day:
Prior to the 2005 "Sidney Crosby" Draft a National Hockey League general manager was asked what he'd do if Sidney Crosby was a cannibal, he responded, "We'd tell him we'll draft a fat kid in the second round."

~ From "Sidney Crosby: Taking the Game by Storm" by Gare Joyce

Many thanks to all who contributed to today's post. :)

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