Sunday, August 03, 2008

He Drinks a Whiskey Drink

The Saint is less than a week from being legally able to partake in a few adult beverages here in The States, and now we know what drink to buy for him if we see him in a bar...

Either brand will do. :)

Actually, Sid's been pounding them down up north for a few years now, so it's not like turning 21 will have the same meaning to him as it does to us Yankees. Rob Rossi of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review talked to Siddo about his upcoming milestone birthday to find out what the big two-one means to him:
Q: What do you want for your 21st birthday?

A: I've thought about this because a lot of people have asked. Honestly, I couldn't tell you one thing that I want.

Q: What will you do better at 21 than you did at 20?

A: Play a full season, for starters.

Q: Fair enough. How is the right ankle?

A: It needs to keep getting stronger, but it feels good.

Then Sidney revealed that 06-04-08 still weighs heavily on his mind:
Q: What is your greatest disappointment?

A: Being so close and not winning the Cup is still hard to digest.
It's tough to accept the loss as a fan - I can't even imagine how it feels to the Penguins players themselves. :( He also goes on to talk about his reaction to Marian Hossa's departure:
Q: How did you react upon learning Marian Hossa would not re-sign with the Penguins?

A: I was pretty surprised. He told me that he really enjoyed it in Pittsburgh. He loved the team and the city. He never had one bad thing to say.

Q: Have you spoken with Hossa since he signed with Detroit?

A: We've played phone tag, but I haven't talked to him yet. I thought he liked it here. He was great to play with. It's too bad.

Q: What is your reaction when a former teammate that played alongside you in the Stanley Cup final says another team gives him a better chance to win the Stanley Cup next year?

A: To be honest, if you look at (the Red Wings), they haven't lost anyone. We came within two games, but they won, and they haven't lost one guy. Maybe on paper they have the best chance to win the Cup and, in his mind, that is what he thinks. If you ask anybody else, that's the way it looks. I'm not mad at him or anything like that. That's just the way it is.
"Maybe on paper..." - That is AWESOME!!! It looks like Sid's got other ideas about that. Perhaps he's not angry, but it seems like Sid was blindsided by Hossa's decision to leave town. That must have been quite a blow after losing the cup.

UGH. I don't know about you, but now I need a pick-me-up. Let's lighten the mood with TSCS's Quote of The Day:
"A puck is a hard rubber disc that hockey players strike when they can't hit one another."

~ Jimmy Cannon

It's a good thing pucks don't feel pain because this one would be in serious trouble...

Thanks go out to Friends of The Show Lauren H., Cathy F., and Cassie C. G. for the link!!! (← By the way, Friend Cassie's last initial has changed because she got married a few weeks ago. Congratulations to Cass and her new husband, Will!!!)

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