Wednesday, August 06, 2008

This I Gotta See

I'm soooo ready for training camp to begin that it's not even funny. [*Sigh*] Here's a couple of things to get you through another hockey-free summer day.

Friend of The Show Allie C. found this 50-page research paper by Alan Ryder of It's chock full of stats and projections, the most interesting of which can be found on page 46. Midway down that page begins a section called Sidney Crosby Watch. Using all kinds of math I haven't used since I was in college, Ryder tries to predict what Sid's points totals will be in the future all the way to age 40. It is a must read. (You'll need the free Adobe Reader to view the document.)

Friend of The Show Apple L. sent me an article. It inspired the title of today's post because it says, in part:
"The Red Wings will face the Pittsburgh Steelers in a finals rematch on November 11 before Detroit travels to Wrigley Field to play the Blackhawks in the Winter Classic on January 1."

~ Norman Vergara - AHN Sports Writer
Really? Are you sure about that, sir? Because I'd pay pretty big money to see Nicklas Lidstrom try to take out Big Ben Roethlisberger or watch Henrik Zetterberg try to survive a hit from Larry Foote. YIKES!!!

Click to enlarge to see the horrible typo.

Friend of The Show Katie S. from Plum, PA (it's a suburb of Pittsburgh) took a vacation trip to Cooperstown, New York for her little brother's all star baseball tournament. While there, she snapped this photo for us:

And now for TSCS's Quote of The Day:
"Hockey is like a disease; you can't really shake it."

~ Former Penguins goaltender Ken Wregget

Thanks so much to Allie, Apple, and Katie for their help with today's post. And a belated Happy Birthday wish goes out to Friend of The Show Stephanie S.!!!

Speaking of birthdays, look for a special birthday wish for our title man tonight at midnight...

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