Sunday, January 04, 2009

Pens v Panthers (L 1-6)

I had believed I had scheduled a short post to be published in time for yesterday's game, but I accidentally set the date for the 4th rather than the 3rd. It's just as well - I had written some nonsense about our plans to go watch the game at a friend's house and how, just maybe, a change in venue for us would somehow effect a change in the Pens' fortune. How wrong was I?!

That was effing BRUTAL. And the high point of the game (at least it was for me!) also brought one of the lower points - our title man finally got a fire in his belly and let his fists do the talking only to be hit with nearly 20 minutes in various penalties.

First, Mad Max Talbot confronted Greg Campbell right off a faceoff after Campbell spent most of the game antagonizing Siddo. (Max received only a 5 minute major for fighting, and Campbell received the same.) On the very next faceoff, Sid went buckwild on Brett McLean. Sidney, however, was slapped with a game misconduct (10 minutes), a major for fighting (5 minutes), and two 2-minute minors (both served by Miro Satan) for unsportsmanlike conduct and instigating, while McLean was given only a 5 minute major for fighting.

Here is the clip of Crosby v McLean (as Sid was sent down the runway, my husband said, "I bet you McLean said something to him. Probably something like, 'Aww, baby has to have somebody else fight his battles!' deliberately to piss Crosby off and, haha, it worked!"):

Okay, so we all know that things aren't going well for the Pens. I had hoped that the Christmas break would help turn things around, but they're still struggling. These are definitely frustrating times. Accordingly, and though it is a few days late, I've got a small sample of New Year's resolutions I think are appropriate for our Boys:
  • GM Ray Shero - Resolve to find a sniper for Sid. Sooner rather than later.

  • Sid - Resolve to score more. Setting up plays is good, and I'm definitely not complaining about that, but we're all sorely missing your highlight reel goals. And who better to set a goal scoring example than our captain? No pressure, though...

  • Geno - You have to quit with the fancy passes giveaways. While it definitely looks cool when you pass the puck behind yourself between your legs while you're not looking, it is only beneficial to the team if the puck actually goes to a guy wearing the same jersey as you.

  • Fedotenko - Nothing. Stay exactly as you are.

  • Satan - Something. Anything. I actually sometimes forget you're on the team.

  • Any player who calls himself a Penguins defenseman - This may sound crazy, but how about defending the goal once in a while? The goaltender is supposed to be your last line of defense - NOT the only line of defense. Just a thought.
    Special note to the offensive defensemen: Actually scoring goals is what makes you an "offensive" defenseman.

  • The Injury Bug - I think it's about high time you pack up your curse and get out of the Burgh. You should head east. I'm sure you'll find a couple of guys to satisfy your appetite there. ;)
Seriously though, as bad as things may seem, the season isn't a wash just yet. However, it is pretty obvious that time is definitely not on our side. But, just as we did during the lean times, we need to support our Penguins now more than ever. If we don't give up on them, they won't give up on themselves. So wear your black and gold and be louder and prouder:

GO PENS!!!!!!!!


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