Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Stanley Cup Finals Game 6: Pens v Red Wings (W 2-1)

Not in our house. Not again.

Let's take this series to seven!!

First Period
We were told right off the bat that Mario stopped by the Pens' locker room prior to the start of the game. What a man!! :)

The 1st was extremely well played by both teams, the Pens more so offensively and the Wings more so defensively. Sykie was in for the first time since the first week of May, which meant Satan sat out for the night. Flower made a stunning save on Zetterberg, who was then "nudged" into Flower by Staalsy. For this, Zetterberg was assessed a goaltender interference penalty. Despite several good chances, the Pens didn't score on their advantage. Hossa punched Orpik in the face (no call).

A bit later, Brooksie lost his stick, so Siddo blocked a shot in his stead. In doing so, Siddo was able to lead an odd-man rush 3-on-2 that culminated in a shot by Syko that was blocked by a sprawling Wing. Filppula drilled Guerin at neutral ice when the puck was nowhere in sight and was called for interference. The Wings held the Pens to one shot on goal - a shot that did not go into the back of the twine.

Second Period
Just 51 seconds into a (FINALLY!) solid, well played second period, TK poked the puck up the boards to Staalsy, who then poked the puck around Lebda and went 2-on-1 with Cooker. Staal fired the initial shot which was blocked but not controlled by Osgood. He got to his own rebound and banged it home. [Pens 1, Wings 0]

Osgood later had a suspect mask issue - conveniently just after an icing call against the Wings. It was a veteran move to attempt to stifle the Pens' momentum. I don't know about you guys, but for me listening to Eddie O. call a Pens game is nothing short of painful. He is clearly still bitter over being fired by the Pens, because he is constantly pointing out what the Pens do wrong and what penalties he perceives that they've gotten away with while raving about what their opponents do so well. It's getting old, Eddie. Let it go.

A turnover by Datsyuk lead to a great chance that was blocked by Osgood. Immediately after, Cooker nailed Datsyuk with a borderline hit that tonight happened to be on the right side of the line. Datsyuk lost his lid but kept playing. Hossa had another run-in with Brooksie. Later Orpik and Syko blocked consecutive Wings shots. Brooks was fine afterwards, but Syko didn't fare as well - he labored to get off the ice. Fortunately, he returned for his next shift. The game opened up at both ends of the ice. Zetterberg took a pass from Holmstrom and went sailing out in front. He fired a shot that hit the far post, bounced out through Flower's 5-hole, and was trapped in the blue paint when our goalie sat down and play stopped. Geno, Tank, and Talbot had a few great chances in the last 20 seconds of the period, but they didn't add to their one goal lead.

Third Period
The 3rd began with numerous good chances at both ends. Tank, Superstar, and TK worked like dogs to create a play that lead to TK bringing it out from behind the net for one of his beautiful trademark sharp angle shots for the goal. [Pens 2, Wings 0] Afterwards, the so-called "professional" Wings got chippy. No more so than right after Draper scored - Pierre McGuire reported that the Wings on the bench were mocking our Captain by shouting that he flamingoed on his failed attempt to block the shot [Pens 2, Wings 1]. Whatev.

Flower later lost his goalstick and yet, in the midst of the madness, the Pens worked in tandem to keep the Wings from tying the game. I scarcely was able to breathe when Geno was called for a crosschecking (during this penalty kill, Scuds made an unreal save as the puck sat in front of a wide open net), and then just after that, Guerin was called for interference (during this penalty kill, the Wings got away with goaltender interference). Both penalties were killed successfully.

With less than 1:45 left in the game, Cleary got a breakaway chance, but Flower SHUT. THE. DOOR. on him. It was glorious. Detroit called their timeout at the 1:12 mark, and Osgood was pulled in favor of the extra attacker. There was just :13.2 separating the Pens from a Game 7 when absolute chaos erupted in front of the net. Despite Edzo's cries of foul, upon the super slow-mo replay, it was revealed that CLUTCH defender Rob Scuderi made 3 HUGE saves as the substitute goalie after Flower got out of position. He first used his stick, then his shin, and finally his skate to preserve his team's lead. Un-freaking-believable. ♥ him!! :) Finally, time ticked away and WE GOT OUR GAME 7 CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Game 7. Friday. Start resting up now because it's going to be WAR.

DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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