Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wanna Bet?

I need to share two things with you before I get to the reason for tonight's title...

Check this out - the anonymous good Friend of The Show who previously hooked us up with sweet high quality shots from the Pens v Caps series sent in this amazing shot of the pregame video shown on the ice at the Mellon. Click it to enlarge for a HUGE version:

Good Friend Rhonda M. sent in this photo of her Roamer hanging out in front of the Cole Harbour sign. You'll notice there has been an addition... All I can say is that town must ROCK!!

So about that title... Longtime Friends of The Show will recall that a Detroit Red Wings fan and I had a bet last year during the Stanley Cup finals. I lost that bet to KCJacoby, and his prize was being the guest blogger for a day. He did a fantastic job (and remained exceptionally classy) in his post, and it went over so well, that we decided to give it another go this year.

This time, however, we've raised the stakes. The winner of this year's TSCS Stanley Cup Finals bet will receive a Stanley Cup champions baseball hat on the loser's dime and the loser has to post a full page printout of the winning team's logo outside his or her house for a week and provide photographic evidence for publication on The Show. And because he was so cool about it last year, I even threw in another offer to be the guest blogger to sweeten the pot. We shook our virtual hands and are both eagerly awaiting the outcome of Game 7. Wish me (and the Pens!) luck!! :D

I'll end this post by hooking you up with even more great wallpapers. The first one comes from good Friend Michelle in NS (click to enlarge it):

Then, as you know, our good Friend Jaime has been making wallpapers for practically the entire postseason. She's got a bunch of new ones for us:
Believe - Game 5
Fleury - Game 4
Determination - Game 4
Dynamic Trio - Game 1
Celebration and arena - Game 3 ← Jaime said she named this one incorrectly and didn't realize it until after she had uploaded it. It's for game 3, not 4. :)
Great Day for Winning - round 3 version
Sidney and Geno
Many, many thanks go out to Anonymous, Rhonda, Michelle, and Jaime for their contributions to tonight's post. Friday is going to take a lifetime to get here. I don't know about you, I'm ready right NOW to see our Captain with a gorgeous piece of silver raised high above his head and a sweet new ball cap on mine. ;)

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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