Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pens v Blues (W 5-1)

I'm watching my first game online. It's not as bad as I thought it would be... Click here to watch it online yourself.

  • Winchester hit the pipe early.
  • Siddo made an attempt to score from his stomach again, but Mason said "NO!"
  • Gronk stole the puck and had a great chance, but Mason made the save.

  • Guerin set Siddo up for a nice quick backhand shot, but Mason again made the save.
  • A looooong lead pass from Cooker prompted Gronk to try a one-handed poke at the puck (it almost looked like he was playing pool), but Mason easily shut the door on him.

  • Godard delivered a crushing hit to Winchester.
  • The Pens got the first power play of the night when Perron was called for delay of game. The ATDHE feed started buffering like crazy, so I missed most of this PP. (Still, it's better than missing the entire game!) The Pens didn't score on their advantage.
  • Later, McKee jumped ahead to join the play in the offensive zone. He sent a pass to TK, who scored with a slap shot. [Pens 1, Blues 0]
  • McDonald high-sticked Brooksie. The Pens made them pay in less than 30 seconds. Geno stayed with the puck and scored on his fourth try. He fired the initial slapshot. The rebound went right to Gonch, who sent it back to Geno for a wrister that was blocked. Geno recovered the puck himself for his third attempt, which was a snap shot that was kick saved by Mason. Siddo pushed the rebound over to Guerin, who got the puck to Gonch, who centered the shot for Geno. This time, Geno fired it up and over Mason's blocker. [Pens 2, Blues 0]

  • The Versus announcers stated the obvious: "They're playing link champions!"
  • In the last seconds of the period, Backes hit Siddo. Siddo pushed him. Seeing an opportunity to possibly energize his team, Backes went after our Captain. Rupp was there in a heartbeat to get in between the two of them. A melee between the teams broke out. Sid and Backes were given coincidental minors for slashing and roughing, respectively. Neither team scored on the abbreviated 4-on-4.

  • On the remaining 4-on-4, Kariya took Tanger out by tripping him, but no call was made. Neither team scored while their men were in the penalty boxes.
  • The Saint knocked a puck out of midair for a chance, but Mason wouldn't budge.
  • Flower made an unreal save on Winchester, despite the fact that everyone and his brother was camped out in front of him and he lost his goal stick.

  • Tkachuk served a too-many-men bench minor for his team. On the ensuing power play, Tank fired a rocket that went top shelf (where Grandma keeps the peanut butter!) for the goal. [Pens 3, Blues 0]
  • Only 36 seconds later, Tanger fired a shot from the point that Cooker deflected into the twine. [Pens 4, Blues 0]
  • The Blues started to get a little frustrated. It culminated in a crosschecking penalty to Perron. The Pens didn't score.

  • Something changed in the Blues after the halfway mark. They came on a little stronger and created a few opportunities for themselves. Finally, Johnson fired a shot through traffic that Kariya deflected into the net behind Flower. [Pens 4, Blues 1]

  • The Blues got an chance to cut the lead in half when the Pens got a bench minor of their own. Geno served the too-many-men penalty, and despite a few close calls, the Blues didn't score on their advantage. As Geno emerged from the box, he and Tank got a 2-on-1 chance, but Mason made a great save on Tank's shot.
  • Le Magnifique was shown in his luxury suite with his wife. He lifted his hand to reveal that he was wearing his newest Stanley Cup ring. :)

  • There was an injury report, but ATDHE went out on me for a second, so I'm not sure who it was. I think it may have been Mason, because Conklin was in goal for the Blues in the third.

  • Tkachuk hit the post.
  • Sid was called for holding. On the penalty kill, Flower made an incredible toe save. The Pens successfully killed it.
  • One of the Versus announcers has twice mentioned that he believes the Blues "respected the Penguins too much" tonight and that's why the Pens were destroying them. I don't think so. How can you respect the reigning Stanley Cup champs - the team with the best record in the NHL right now - TOO much??? I think it's much simpler than that: the Blues just played a terrible game against an amazing team. End of story.
  • Kuni raced to cancel an icing call. He sent the puck to Siddo, who centered a beautiful pass for Gogo for a snap shot goal. [Pens 5, Blues 1]

  • The announcers pointed out that Geno's English is better than he lets on - he was shown mouthing off to the Blues' bench. I recognized at least one of those words, and yes, it was in English... ;)

  • The Pens have been at the top of their game both offensively and defensively. And when a puck makes it through our D, Flower has been in the freaking zone.
  • The Versus commercial where the guy says he sticks needles in his Sidney Crosby bobblehead doll and immediately cuts to Geno shaking his head no is money in the bank. LOVE Geno! :)
  • ATDHE made this Versus v DirecTV fiasco much more bearable; however, I will likely terminate my service with DirecTV at the end of my contract. Watching games on a 24" iMac screen < watching them on a 46" LCD TV. By FAR.

Thanks a million to all who suggested I use ATDHE - thanks to you guys, I didn't miss the game! :D :D :D :D :D Friday's game against Florida will be broadcast on FSN PGH.

GO PENS!!!!!!!!

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