Monday, October 12, 2009

Pens v Sens (W 4-1)

Ever try to watch a Pens game in complete silence? Well, since I've come down with a monster chest cold, I'm going to try to accomplish that feat. It hurts to speak, so hopefully I'll remember not to yell during tonight's match-up with the Senators. It is the first time we'll meet them since they lost sniper Dany Heatley. (← I'm not even going to touch that one...)

Until then, longtime good Friend of The Show and frequent video contributer DayWalk3r has uploaded this sweet clip from Hockey Night In Canada. It aired prior to the Toronto game, and if you are a comic book nerd like me, this is right up your alley.

Side note: I was at the game from which the clip of Siddo sliding and scoring on his side was taken. It's at the 16 second mark and happened at the 01-07-07 game versus the Tampa Bay Lightning. (The Boys ended up losing in a shootout, but MAN WHAT A GOAL!!)

May I present to you Attack of The Penguins, Issue #66. ;) Enjoy!

Many, MANY thanks go out to DayWalk3r for sharing the video with us.

GO PENS!!!!!!

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