Thursday, October 06, 2005

Crosby Isn't the new Jesus??

It seems not everyone was impressed with Sidney Crosby's 1-assist debut against the Devils last night.

From a humorous satire piece from The Hammer:

18-year-old Pittsburgh Penguins super phenom Sidney Crosby was disappointing in his official NHL debut last night against the New Jersey Devils. While the native of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia turned in a workmanlike if not spectacular performance, collecting an assist on his team's lone goal in their 5-1 loss, his inability to feed thousands from a single loaf of bread was a major letdown.

"I don't know, I guess...I just expected more from Crosby," said Toronto Star hockey writer Damien Cox. "Sure, he demonstrated his exceptional lower body strength, as well as some amazing passing skills beyond his years, but he didn't bring the dead back to life, which is what I think everybody was expecting."
You just can't please some people! :)

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