Sunday, May 14, 2006

WC: Crosby Q&A

With Sidney Crosby kicking so much ass at the WC, it's only obvious that everyone and their mother wants to ask the teen phenom some questions.

Sidney Crosby: With the Fans

The highlights...

Q: Next season, Evgeni Malkin is expected to be playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins. How much are you looking forward to playing with him, and do you expect that you may be linemates despite the fact that you're both natural centers?

A: I'm definitely looking forward to playing with Evgeni. I've heard alot about him and I know that he's a great player. I don't expect to be playing on the same line with him because, as you said, we're both centers. So they will probably want to spread us out.

Q: I am really impressed with your game in Riga. Keep on! I am just wondering if you think it's strange or even unfair that Alexander Ovechkin, who had experience from four years in the Russian pro league prior to coming to the NHL, is nevertheless considered a rookie in NHL terms and is allowed to compete for the Calder Trophy, while you were in your very first year in pro. We think you are the best!

A: No. Rookies are rookies in the NHL. There's no grey area: you either are a rookie or you are not. I just happen to be younger then him.

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