Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sidney: "I'm not a Diver, I just fall easily!"

Sidney's certainly got a bad boy rep for being a bit whiny and a bit of a diver. Obviously, this is the product of his competitive nature and the jealousy of his 'peers' who wish they would 1/3 as good as Sid the Kid.

So, now Sidney is wasting his energy defending himself from the peanut gallery.

From CBC News:

Pittsburgh Penguins centre Sidney Crosby has dismissed comments made by New York Islanders coach Ted Nolan that he dives to draw penalties.

"I don't need to defend myself," Crosby said on Friday. "I think my play more than shows the type of player I am. I'd be worried if I went out there and did that, but I don't."

Crosby drew a hooking minor from Islanders forward Alexei Yashin in overtime Thursday night. The penalty led to the winning power-play goal in Pittsburgh's 4-3 victory.

After the game, Nolan criticized the 19-year-old Crosby.

"I think for a world-class player, for a guy his calibre, he's diving every time someone touches him," Nolan said. "The refs said they're going to call it on people who dive. I guess they missed his diving."

"Ted Nolan is a smart coach," Crosby said. "He knows they play us seven more times. It was a tough loss for them and so if he wants to plant a seed, he probably figures he can do it early and see what happens.

"I know the rules, and the referees are looking for (diving) this year, so if I do it, they will catch me, I have no problem with that."
Aww, poor Teddy bear is stuck with a guy who is too freakin' lazy to dive in Alexei Yashin, and a team so poorly run that they signed Rick DiPietro to a contract that last longer than most people live. Why not concentrate on your own crappy team, eh?

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