Monday, March 10, 2008

Sid Your Cell

Before I get started, there are three people I need to thank. Without Bill R. (aka Bill in NS), Mer B., and my husband's friend Matt U. - this little treat would not have been possible. :) Thank you all so much! Okay, so here is how it all came together...

Both Bill and Mer sent me an mp3 file of Sid's reaction to the own-goal by Nicklas Backstrom from yesterday's game. I was then able to use it to create a ringtone at a site that Matt told me about called Here's where things get awesome: The site allows registered users to share the ringtones they create, so I registered for an account today so now we all can have Sidney screaming "He shot that in his own net!!!" blaring from our cell phones! Enjoy:

Thanks once again go out to Bill, Mer, and Matt for their respective contributions!

Late Edit 1: TROUBLESHOOTING - If you don't receive the text message with the ringtone, try signing up for a free Personal Account. Once you verify your phone (they'll send you a verification number in a text message), re-send the ringtone to your phone. It should work this time! :) If it doesn't, there is something else you can try: text the number "389357" to 69937.

Late Edit 2: Since it was requested by some of you, here is a link to download the mp3 file directly. Big thanks to Michelle B. for providing me with the link to the website that is hosting the file! :)


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