Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"I'm working on that right now."

Those are the words of our fearless leader, Coach Michel Therrien, regarding IFHSA's™ slash on Sid on Sunday. From Joe Starkey of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review:
Nobody asked Crosby about the incident, either, which means a lot of people probably didn't see it. ...I asked Crosby if he thought Avery was trying to injure him.

"He wasn't going for the puck," Crosby said. "He was going for my wrist." ...How's the wrist? "I felt it," Crosby said, smiling. "It's just sore, nothing major."

Penguins coach Michel Therrien said he was well aware of the incident and added, somewhat cryptically, "I'm working on that right now." Asked if that meant he was going to send a tape to league headquarters, Therrien said no. I asked NHL spokesman Frank Brown if the league was reviewing Avery's actions.

"We review everything; every play of every game," Brown said. [snoop: Hey, Brownie, did you happen to notice the face wipe Sid got from IFHSA's™ stick in game 1?]

But is the league reviewing that particular play for the purpose of possibly suspending Avery? "If there is any action that is needed that would cause this person not to play (tonight), it will be announced before the game is played," Brown said.
So why is IFHSA™ such an incredibly immature attention whore? Giant Hal Gill thinks he knows the answer to that:
NBC analyst Pierre McGuire, stationed between the benches, said, "Hal Gill just said to Avery, 'You just weren't hugged enough as a child. That's why you've got issues.'"
Exactly. But truthfully, who could blame his parents? They probably don't even like the guy. Thanks go to both Ali & XDancexxforxxmeX for posting the link in the comments. :)

Now on to happier things: our good Friend of The Show Mike H. (aka Mike @ Japan) was stateside this past week. He was lucky enough to score a ticket to Friday's Game 1 against the Rangers. He was so lucky that he got an AMAZING seat in section A21, row C! Mike is actually visible in this Getty Images shot of the Pens celebrating Marian Hossa's tying goal in the 5-4 comeback:

Mike is in the left half of the crowd.
(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

By now, you all have figured out how much I love your shots of the games. (← Hint, hint!) Mike got some ABSOLUTELY STUNNING shots of the game which he has graciously shared with us. All photos in today's post are Mike's photos, unless otherwise noted (like the photo above). We'll start out with some great closeup shots of Sidney:

Heeeeeerre's GENO!

Now for my favorites: He got a picture of the Saint with his arms raised like Rocky Balboa at the top of those stairs after Sid fired the shot that banked off Geno's leg for the win. First, a refresher of what Sid looked like from the front:

(Photo courtesy of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

...and this is the photo Mike captured at what appears to be the exact same time as the shot above:

The rest of the guys bum rush Sid to celebrate, again starting with the professional shot:

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

...and here are two shots from Mike's view:

Go raibh mile maith agat, Mike!!! (For all the non-Gaels, that means "A thousand thank yous!!!")

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