Wednesday, May 21, 2008

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME (No Matter HOW Bored You Are Until Saturday...)

[*SIGH*] No Stanley Cup Finals Tickets for snoop. Those suckers must have sold out in literally 30 seconds - which isn't unreasonable if you consider that only 1,000 tickets for each game were made available today. I must admit I'm really disappointed, but I also know that I can't complain too much - I've already been to Round 1 Game 1, and at the beginning of the year, I was fortunate enough to score a seat in the Ralph Wilson Stadium for the history-making Winter Classic. Even so, here's hoping for a Game 6. ;)

So now that all we can do is wait, WAIT, WAIT until the 8:00pm Eastern drop of the puck on Saturday, I've got something for you to pass the time. A coworker of mine showed me a site called As I was looking through some of the videos, I found this gem. To quote the caption on the site, "Hockey pucks in a blender. Words can't do it justice, so just watch:"

Now, even if you wanted to try this at home (which, again, YOU SHOULD NOT!), you'd need that blender to do it - and it costs $400!!! Seriously, though, who would have ever thought you could blend a hockey puck?!

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