Monday, May 19, 2008

TSCS's Frozen Moment

Literally less than 5 minutes after I was left disappointed when I checked the NHL Frozen Moment*** this morning only to find that it's still a shot from Saturday's Stars v Wings game, I got this great surprise in my inbox. I want to share it with you immediately. This is a picture of the Pens' 4th goal of yesterday's game taken by Friend of The Show Ryan C.'s brother-in-law, JP:

Talk about GREAT TIMING!!!!! (Click to enlarge - it's big enough to use as a desktop wallpaper!!!)

BIG, BIG thanks to Ryan for passing this along to me and also to JP for taking the awesome photo!!

*** LATE EDIT: The NHL Frozen Moment has since been changed to a photo of Sid and Deputy NHL Commissioner Bill Daly with the Prince of Wales Trophy.

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