Monday, May 12, 2008

Supportin' Our Pens

A couple of days ago, I put out a call for some pictures of how you are supporting our Pens on their playoff run. Here's what I got.

First, I'll start with a quick explanation of my own Pens shrine. The shelf sits above our TV. My husband put it up a few months ago, but I couldn't decide what I wanted to put on it. Gradually, it turned into this:

Click this for a supersized view of all the Penguin-y goodness. Yes, that is a Mario Lemieux rubber ducky - my sister got that for my husband when he and I were first married. I have no idea where she got it, but isn't it hilarious? The hairdo on it matches Le Magnifique's hair perfectly! (Oh, the Pens/Sens playoff puck and the towel on the left are from last year's playoff series.)

This is in my dining room. Usually I write a message related to the current holiday or the menu if I'm having a dinner party, but now I'm not allowed to erase my terrible little doodle of Lord Stanley's Cup.

Now here's how some of the Friends of The Show are pledging allegiance to Pens Nation (all of these can be clicked to be enlarged):

XDancexxForxxMeX has this McFarlane Sidney Crosby figurine set up and ready to go for every game.

Cassie C. has this on her desk at work. (You can get one for your desk at

Scott S. and his girlfriend have a game day ritual: "Chubbs (the Penguin) sits in the neck of my hanging Pens jersey and my girlfriend hugs him before each game and places him back." If you haven't already figured it out by the superstitious ritual, Scott himself is a hockey player. :)

I wonder who Stephanie B.'s favorite player is... ;)

This is Stephanie S.'s playoff seat (complete with adult beverage, I see!). She's also a Stars fan. That is okay right now, but if it ends up being Pens v Stars for the Cup, we might have a conflict of interest. ;) Oh, and that's a pretty kick-ass picture on her computer screen!

traumagirl14 usually works weekend nights at the hospital. (← That explains the name!) Since she always has to have her badge showing, a friend got her a Pens badge holder so that she can always show her loyalty to the Pens.

Michelle B. "outshrines" us all... (Picture 1)

...Michelle B. again... (Picture 2)

...Michelle B. one more time... Picture 3

...Michelle B.'s phone... (Picture 4)

...Michelle B.'s shirt collection... (Picture 5)

...and lastly, Michelle B.'s bobblehead collection. snoop = JEALOUS (Picture 6)

John L.'s Scion xB. He said, "It's a lot easier to get a Pens plate in Ohio. :)"

Lacey's chalkboard > snoop's chalkboard

This is a Friend's desk at work. She said, "Being a Pens fan in Montreal is lonely, indeed!" but...

...she wasn't completely alone. Here's the story on this: "Next, a post it left by--well, y'know (although I wrote the "in the whole world" part). He was flown to Montreal for treatment on his broken foot, and paid us a visit--and left that when he saw my bobble." This is a perfect example of why Mad Max is one of my favorites! That's too funny!

Vanessa D. and her daughter, Kelly, had the opportunity to support Bugsy in person!

Lexie101 is shown here at last night's game. She watched it on the lawn. :)

And all the way from California, this is Eighty-Two and his son, Alexander Crosby. (← Click his name for the story of how he got his name.) WHAT A CUTIE-PIE!!! He's getting so big!! It's good to see the little guy being brought up as a Pens fan! :D

This one is a late addition from Mike @ Japan. Due to the drastic time difference, we'll forgive him! ;) How AWESOME is it that there are Pens fans literally all over the world?! What an adorable pair!!!

Many, many thank yous to all who participated. I know there were quite a few of you who said you didn't have a picture to send in, but don't worry - we know you love the Pens as much as we do!! :)

One last thing: Friend of The Show Amanda found this video of Sid talking about his mom, Trina, after last night's game (his interview is about 1:46 in):

Thanks for the video, Amanda!! We're heading to Broad Street tomorrow.

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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