Thursday, May 08, 2008

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer

I'm still waiting for more pictures that show how you're supporting the Penguins. It doesn't necessarily have to be a shrine. I know some of you wanted to contribute but don't have a shrine, so send in pictures of Pens stuff on your cars, at work, at home, or even on you! Let's show them how much we're rooting for them!!! I'm thinking of putting this post together for Monday, so get your pics in sometime this week if you want to be included!

I figured on our last day of enjoying relatively low blood pressure, we should do something to ease our bodies back into the rush to get prepared for the cardiovascular assault that this series will be. There's always talk of Sid v Alex Ovechkin, but that is a mere competition that pales in comparison to the true rivalry in Sid's NHL career. The Pens/Flyers hatred goes back - WAY BACK - and it shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, adding the Saint to the mix seems to have intensified it. I'm sure I don't have to remind anyone here that Sidney was christened into the war during his rookie season with a high stick courtesy of Flyers douche defender Derian Hatcher, which resulted in this:

I'm pretty sure Sid embellished it for the call.

Here are some things you can check out to get the hate-juices flowing. First, put out a challenge a while ago to anyone, anywhere to find photographic proof of Sid's alleged chronic diving. The funny thing is that even though they have literally thousands of hits from Pens fans and Pens haters alike, not one person has been able to deliver. Contrast that with the five photos they've rounded up of Mike Richards taking the plunge. Far be it from me to accuse another team's player of diving, but since the Flyers' Internet is already overrun by "Cindy Diver" crap, I figure they better be able to take what they dish out.

Me dive? No, no, by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin!

Seth over at Empty Netters is clutch as usual. He's come up with two unreal posts to get you familiar with all things Flyers before tomorrow's game. First up, he's got all the relevant (and some irrelevant, haha) stats and facts about both teams. Then, he must have played six-degrees of Kevin Bacon recently or something because he's got the complete rundown of how close the Pens' and Flyers' players really are. Seriously, if a Penguin and a Flyer were in the same town at any point in their lives, Seth's got it covered in his list.

It is because of this intense rivalry (December 11, 2007 anyone??? ← Scroll down and take a look at the size of that Penalty Summary table!) that the Penguins will have to dig down deep and keep their emotions in check and simply play hockey. Discipline will be key to winning this series. If the Pens let the Flyers get under their collective skin, they'll effectively doom themselves.

Geno and Sid chat at yesterday's practice.

Another key to a Penguins victory is obviously our Dynamic Duo, Sid and Geno. With our playmaking Saint and high flying, high scoring Geno providing the big guns for a talent-rich roster, the Pens are far more skilled than the Flyers. (But make no mistake - that doesn't mean the much grittier Flyers are going to be as easily beaten as the Senators or the Rangers. The Pens are in for a battle as intense as this long rivalry.) This article from's Daily Local compares today's Penguins with the Edmonton dynasty from the 1980s, while this article from compares the Saint and Geno with Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

Hopefully you're good and ready for the ride. Remember if you're going to the Mellon Arena tomorrow to wear your Away jersey - the Pens are calling for another whiteout. NOW LET'S DROP THE FREAKIN' PUCK ALREADY!!!!

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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