Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Celebrating Stanley Season

I had an idea on my drive to work today for an interactive post. I thought it might be neat to see how everyone is supporting our Penguins this season. For instance, I have an array of penguin toys on my computer and 2 pictures on the wall of Sidney pwning Sabres goalie Ryan Miller at work, and at home... well, my house is a yearlong shrine to all things Penguins (the centerpiece of which is our pride and joy - a framed jersey autographed by Le Magnifique himself), but for the playoffs, I've got a little something extra above my TV for luck. I'll definitely get a photo for you soon...

Anyhoo, I thought I'd mention it to you all today and see if any of you wanted to send in pictures of your own Pens playoff shrines. Along this same train of thought, I just got an email from Friend of The Show Johnny B. He says, "This is hanging up where I work and has been on this cabinet probably since '92:"

(I know it's silly to be so superstitious, but I'm Irish so being superstitious is in my DNA.)

Now, you'll need a MySpace account for this, but I've found a free download of the Pens' theme song "The Boys of Winter." This version is a bit of a remix (it has a longer drum intro), but it is close enough. It will definitely get you pumped up before the games - especially since it's a FREE DOWNLOAD!!! :) :) :) :) :) I got both the regular version and this remixed version for free off MySpace a year or two ago, so I went looking for them again because I thought maybe some of you might want it on your iPods, too. (Just so you know, I did look for but could not find the regular version.)

I've got more stuff from our good Friends of The Show. First up, Cassie C. sent in an article that serves as a warning that Don "Grapes" Cherry will be coming to your television sets when he joins ESPN for the Eastern Conference finals as well as the Stanley Cup finals. Make sure you take appropriate precautions if you have High Definition TV. If you're not careful, this guy will blind you.

Laura H. found this video of KDKA reporter Alison Morris's trip to Cole Harbour to talk to some of Sid's old friends and teachers.

Darron B. sent in a link that she got from reading Mirtle's blog. It's a called They need sponsorships of teams and players to keep the site going. Predictably, the Saint has already been sponsored. (DAMN IT!!!) But my second choice is Mad Max Talbot. His page happened to be available, so now Mad Max's page is now sponsored by TSCS! Truthfully, it was a toss-up between Colby Armstrong and Mad Max because I love them both equally, but the deciding factor was the fact that Mad Max is still a Pen. Well - that, and nobody does a better McLovin impression than Talbot!
(As of right now, our sponsorship doesn't appear on the page because it is awaiting approval from the owner of the site. It is not supposed to take any more than a day for approval to go through, so keep checking back on it...)

And I'll leave you with more fan photos today. Lara M. sent me some photos of Round 2 Game 1 against the Rangers. Enjoy!!! (Click on the pics to enlarge them.)

Sid is so good, he doesn't even need to keep his eyes open to shoot.

Pre-game warmups

BGL during pre-game warmups

Scoping out the competition in pre-game warmups

The National Anthem

Sid wins a faceoff


First period action

Sid streaking by with the puck

Don't forget to send in some pictures of your Pens shrines!!! If I get enough, I'll start posting them tomorrow. :)

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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