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More Stuff from Game 3

This is why Empty Netters is a daily read:

(Thanks also go to Clare for leaving the link to the video in the comments section.)

I got an email from Friend of The Show Allison Y. last night at 9:20pm:
So, in the third period, around the 14:00 mark...with Flower's legs in the net, the possible fight and scary looking possible goal on the Rangers power play...a ref told Dubinsky to go f*ck himself. I'm totally not lying...we rewound that sucker five times to make sure and then laugh hysterically. It was awesome...there was no way Versus could censor that.

I thought you might like to know.
Since I was watching it on FSN Pittsburgh, I totally missed that. But this is why is a daily read:

(Thanks go to Allison for the heads up about the incident.)

And finally, Friend of The Show Bobby T. (← the infamous creator of IFHSA™) went to the game last night. He got some great photos. Here they are with some brief intros in Bobby's own words:
Let's just say it was unreal. My first "away from Pittsburgh playoff hockey experience." ...There were about 10,000 Ranger fans to every 1 Pens fan. I counted about 5 jerseys. It seemed like everyone had a "Crosby Dives" shirt or something to that affect. The Blue bastards even printed out signs that said "Crosby's Dive 8.7". The worst was a guy who had a "Sidney Diver" outfit on:

[snoop: WOW.]

Nonetheless their were a few Pittsburgh diehards that dealt with the onslaught. I'd say I say about 20 fans total (half wearing Crosby, a quarter wearing Lemieux and Malkin, and the rest random including a Ron Francis, a Fleury, old Jagrs, and of all things an Ulf Samuelsson).

The National Anthem

Inside the arena was basically the same. Older guys were yelling at children and girls (most of which had Crosby jerseys). [These] two 20-something Pens fans sat 2 rows below me (I was in the 3rd level of 4):

They were taunting the Ranger fans at every chance. Let's just say that got what they deserved, which included nachos, pretzels, beers, and debris all being thrown at them, along with a slap in the face and a few punches. You can't go into another playoff arena and talk shit. [snoop: Especially in NYC!!]

The Opening Faceoff

On a side note, I should have known we would win. When the man came to sing the national anthem, apparently it wasn't the guy who always does it. Rangers fans knew this and seriously were booing during the anthem. Very classless.

The Final Score

Here were the other shirts of stupid Ranger fans I saw (by the way the Avery jersey is massively popular and I don't understand why):
  • Avery is My Dad
  • Fleury Blows Malkin
  • Crosby is a Bitch [snoop: Oooooh. That's a good one.]
  • Put It In My Hossa
  • Sidney Diver
Nothing too original. One other thing - The Ranger fans booed their own players. If they didn't like what was going on they booed. I guess I just didn't understand it, maybe they are frustrated, but I (and think most Pens fans) would never do this to our own playoff hockey team.
Thanks so much for the pictures and the recap, Bobby!!!

If you thought last night's game was nuts, tomorrow's game is going to be an absolute asylum! The Rangers will very literally be fighting for their playoff lives. If Jaromir Jagr can figure out the Flower, we're going to be in trouble. He played like classic Jagr last night, and I expect nothing less tomorrow. This is what the Pens have played for all year. This is why we are fans of this sport. This is what we say to the Rangers:


GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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