Tuesday, May 06, 2008

We'll Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends

The Pens sold out of tickets for Round 3 Games 1 & 2 already, and there's not much else going on today, so I figured I'd bring out some of the stuff that I've gotten from several good Friends of The Show. I've been saving them for a Penguins dry spell, and now is as good a time as any!

Cathy F. sent me the following picture. It is an image of the paper tray liner you'll receive when you visit a Tim Horton's restaurant! Her brother dined at a Tim Horton's in Erie, PA and was nice enough to save one and scan it for us. Check it out:

(Click to enlarge)

And in case you haven't seen it, here's a shot of Sid from his Timbits days:

Click here to watch the Saint score as a Timbit. It's a home movie his father, Troy, recorded.

Stephanie S. sent in an article about the art of growing a Stanley Cup playoff beard. (Author Greg Wyshynski pokes fun at Sid's beard - or lack thereof!! Also, Wyshynski and I feel the same way about the monstrosity on Jagr's chin.)

Michelle B. sent in an article that names Pittsburgh as the hotbed city for hockey. Suck on that, Detroit! ;) According to Pierre McGuire:
"Pittsburgh now, because of its young talent and rabid fan base cultivated by the organization, is tremendous. It's awesome to be around a passionate fan base. Hockey's not a photo op for these people. These are people investing in the product. It's easy to be involved with a winner, but this team is poised to win for a long time."
WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Also of note in that article - there is a list of facts about the impact of Sidney Crosby on Penguins merchandise sales. It's absolutely insane how much people love our young team!

Stephanie B. sent in an article that details how much Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia residents love their famous son. FYI - Something I did NOT realize: IFHSA™ is also from Cole Harbour. Do you think the town will give him a sign?! :P

LATE EDIT: Thanks to a lot of you, I found out that
IFHSA™ is NOT from Cole Harbour... BUT I'm not nuts! Here's a link to the article that mistakenly blames Cole Harbour for spawning him. The caption to the right of the photo reads:
Though Cole Harbour is the hometown of some other NHLers -- including the New York Rangers' Sean Avery, Anaheim's Joe DiPenta and former Chicago Blackhawk Cam Russell -- #87 is clearly the town's most successful son!
My apologies for the mistake and thanks to everyone who wrote to correct me. :)

Finally today, Lexie101 was lucky enough to be at the Game 5 victory on Sunday. She sent me the following pictures to share with you (all pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them):

Hal Gill arrives at the Mellon Arena with a full goatee.

Tyler Kennedy needs a haircut. :P

Pascal Dupuis looks like he could challenge Ryan Malone for the "Hairiest Penguin" title.

19-year-old Jordan Staal easily out-beards his 20-year-old captain.

Here's a windblown Marc-Andre Fleury.

Brooks Orpik looks tense.

Geno Malkin bucks tradition with his naked chin.

Sid is shown during warmups.

Geno and Jordan during warmups

One more warmup shot

First period action



PENS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOW BRING ON THE FLYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BIG, BIG, BIG thank yous go out to Friends of The Show Cathy, Stephanie, Michelle, Stephanie, and Lexie for all the goodies they sent our way!


GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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