Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This Ain't The Sean Avery Show

(☝ ☝ YIKES - THANK GOD!!! ☝ ☝)

Okay, so now that we know that IFHSA™ is going to be okay, let's get our focus back where it should be - on OUR Boys of Winter! I have the perfect way for us to do just that.

Good Friend of The Show Pensgirl sent me this video from PensTV. It shows the guys at today's optional practice. Expect to see a few of them playing a game of soccer with the Saint in some DANGEROUSLY tight pants (seriously, I'm worried about the circulation to his bright-yellow Croc clad feet), the team getting dressed to one of the best U2 songs ever, and BGL talking about his HUGE goal last night. Enjoy!!! :)

Thanks to Pensgirl for sending in the link!

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