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BREAKING NEWS: Avery In Cardiac Arrest Has Lacerated Spleen

This is NOT a joke. Per

New York Rangers forward Sean Avery was rushed to a Manhattan hospital on Wednesday morning in cardiac arrest just hours after his team's playoff loss, the New York Daily News reported, citing unnamed sources.

Avery was unconscious and not breathing, the newspaper reported.

A source at St. Vincent's Medical Center said Avery, 28, arrived at about 3 a.m. Wednesday morning. Hours earlier, the Rangers lost 5-3 in the Stanley Cup playoffs against the Pittsburgh Penguins at Madison Square Garden.

A source close to the team confirmed Avery had been rushed to the hospital, but declined to offer any specifics, the Daily News reported.

More on this as I get it.


Sean Avery has a lacerated spleen and will be out the remainder of the season, sources tell TSN.

The source went on to say that the laceration was detected with a CT scan after Avery was taken to hospital following the Game 3 with the Penguins.

The New York Rangers expect Avery to make a full recovery in the off-season.

LATE EDIT 2: I found this article that discusses spleen injuries:
The most common cause of injury are car accidents. The spleen can either be injured directly by the impact or by a fractured rib on the left side. Less commonly, in contact sports such as ice hockey, during a body check or slamming into the boards, the spleen can also be injured. The impact of the injury can actually cause the spleen to rupture, resulting in massive amounts of bleeding into the abdominal area. [← snoop: Which explains the cardiac arrest...] This situation is potentially life threatening and is considered a medical emergency. The only treatment is to remove the spleen and repair any other damage surgically.

So, yes people can live without a spleen. However, they are more prone to certain infections, and will need to receive vaccinations or even preventative antibiotics.
LATE EDIT 3: An update from suggests that reports of Avery being unconscious may be inaccurate:
The team also denied a published report in the New York Daily News -- which first reported Avery's hospitalization -- that the forward had been taken to a Manhattan hospital while unconscious and in cardiac arrest.

The Rangers said Avery was admitted to St. Vincent's Medical Center following a CT scan and is expected to make a full recovery. Avery walked into the medical facility with team doctor Andrew Feldman, and the two took a car to the hospital, not an emergency vehicle, the team said.

Michael Fagan, spokesman for St. Vincent's Medical Center, said Avery is in "stable" condition.
Whether Avery was taken by ambulance or walked in to the hospital under his own power, a lacerated spleen is a life threatening injury.

Avery, whose spleen was not removed and isn’t expected to need surgery, likely will be hospitalized for a few days, team spokesman John Rosasco said.

Rosasco said it’s unclear when Avery was injured, but the forward complained during the game of pain that got worse. Following the game, Avery went in a car from Madison Square Garden to the hospital with team physician Dr. Andrew Feldman.

“He walked into the hospital,” Rosasco said. “He was never in a life-threatening situation.”

Avery’s mother, Marlene, told the Toronto Sun that Avery’s spleen had not ruptured, but he had suffered internal bleeding.
For the record, I dislike the man, but I really do hope he's okay.

Thanks to Good Friend of The Show Cassie C. for the initial heads up on this with the ESPN link.

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