Friday, May 02, 2008

Sunday Bloody Sunday

We've got two days off now, folks. I'm sure the Pens are chomping at the bit to get their hands on the Rangers again (as are the fans). I've got a couple links for you to check out to pass some time until then.

Friends of The Show Michelle B. and Laura H. both hit me with an article that details Sid's relationships with his teammates:
According to Maxime Talbot, Sidney Crosby’s faint attempt at growing a playoff beard makes him look “greasy.” As for the mustache he has going right now, Talbot said that makes him look “like Zorro.” [snoop: LOL]

Greasy? I think it looks dirty.

Fleury said when he and Crosby were both out with high ankle sprains earlier this year, they spent a lot of time at the goalie’s house playing Call of Duty 4 on Xbox 360. The game is so popular the Penguins take it on the road with them.

Fleury, who is three years Crosby’s senior, takes great pleasure in dominating his good friend.
I myself am often a "CoD4 widow" - it's my husband's favorite game. :P

We all have heard about how picky Sidney is about not letting anyone touch his stick after he has finished taping it. Well, Michelle sent me also sent me this story from about how superstitious the Saint really is:
Just ask Goalie Marc-Andre Fleury: "I think Sid's the worst. He's even worse than the goalies!"

"Sid, for sure. Hands down," Malone added. "He's just weird. I just tell him he's a weirdo. He just does all these weird things. I don't even know what he's doing over there now!"

"When you believe in things / That you don't understand / Then you suffer / Superstition ain't the way."
That may be so, Stevie, but whatever Sid's doing seems like it's working!

Pens Forward Pascal Dupuis describes one of Crosby's more unusual habits. "He lifts his feet when we cross a railroad with the bus. He's got to touch the glass and lift his feet. He really does that!"

Danny Kroll, the team's assistant equipment manager, says Sid is even particular about what he uses to tape his sick. "Only tape from the road team that they supply. He won't use ours on the road!"

"Yeah, I have a few weird ones, " Crosby admits.
I had a friend in high school that did the glass touching thing over railroad tracks. It wasn't a big deal when we were in her car, but MAN I hated cleaning off the fingerprints any time we went somewhere in mine!

Other stories you should check out: Our Friend Bill in NS mentioned in the comments that the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame is featuring a Sidney Crosby exhibit now. The Chronicle Herald has all the details.

Take a look at Trina Crosby's old dryer - no WONDER Sid had to buy her a new one!!!

And while I was checking out that article, I found this one about Eric Staal's reluctance to pick sides between brothers Jordan and Marc during this Penguins/Rangers series (again from The Chronicle Herald):
But older brother Eric Staal isn’t taking sides.

The Carolina Hurricanes star, a forward with Team Canada, said Thursday it’s been exciting to watch his younger siblings square off in the playoffs.

"It’s pretty neat," Staal said following practice Thursday afternoon. "Both are playing really hard. They’re putting on a good show."


"Pittsburgh has looked pretty good in the playoffs," said the 23-year-old Staal, who’s followed by Marc at 21 and Jordan, 19.

"I talked to Jordan the other day and I told him that the fourth win is always the hardest to get."
Indeed. Hopefully, Gronk and company will be taking care of that this Sunday...

Thank yous to everyone who sent in links and/or tips in the comments sections!!! :) :) :)

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!

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