Monday, May 12, 2008

Call the Sheriff - Gonch Was ROBBED
And I Have Proof

I'm going to start work on the shrine pictures post today. I'd like to have it up sometime this evening, so you have a few hours left if you want to get a picture of your own on the post. :) Until then, I've got a few more looks at the Gonchar goal that was discounted:

First, here's a Getty photographer's view of the incident:

(Click to enlarge) This is definitely inconclusive.

Here's what good Friend of The Show Pensgirl captured from her vantage point:

(Fullsize) That's an awesome photo, but unfortunately it's still inconclusive.

But then I got an email from Friend of The Show Ryan C. He found this stunning shot from a different angle:

(Fullsize) There's no question - that's a goal.

I enlarged picture so you could see it better:


Just to be perfectly clear, I traced the goal line with yellow:


While it is no doubt infuriating when injustices like this occur, ultimately the no-goal call didn't affect the outcome of the game. Can you imagine if it had?! We might have had to riot!! ;) I'll leave you with a picture that Pensgirl took that will make you smile:

Hossa pwns at the playoffs once again!!!

Big, BIG thanks to Pensgirl for her pictures from the game and to Ryan for sending in the stunning picture of the goal.

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!

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