Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Day Off

I've got some pictures and some links to help you pass the time until Game 4. First up, I'll go through the links that some Friends of The Show sent me.

Michelle B. is always hitting us with sweet links:
  • Sid's exhibit in Nova Scotia was a success in Halifax - it was a success on The Show, too! (
  • Some lady at Pittsburgh's "Hat Luncheon" wore the best hat in town. The picture is in the middle of the article. Trust me - you'll know it when you see it. (The Burgh Blog)
  • I'm super-late on this, but there are some sweet signs you can download and print out to show your support for the Pens. There's even one that reads, "I ♥ 87". (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
Michelle and heartmrnda both sent me this link about a Cole Harbour councilman has proposed building a new rink and naming it after the Saint. (The Chronical Herald Nova Scotia)

Jennifer F. found an interview with this Sid from when he was named captain. She said, "It's from a [Canadian] news program called 'The National' that airs at night or, currently, whenever the hockey game on CBC ends." (

Lexie101 found a funny interview with Mad Max Talbot's new gig as a spokesman for Gongshow Gear. He also reveals a secret about Sid's jeans... Here's a hint: It has to do with Sid's badonk-a-donk. ( text & video)

This is mostly for our US readers. Dare found a link to a new Gatorade commercial that's been running in Canada. You'll need Apple Software's QuickTime to view it: "Narrator"

I've got a few more shrine pictures for you (all the following pictures can be enlarged by clicking them):

Anonymous Dare
(Actually, I'm pretty sure I know who sent this, but I don't want to misidentify anyone. Leave your name in the comments below to ID yourself!)

Dan T.

John L.'s Scion xB

John L.'s bedroom wall

John L.'s jerseys hanging on his bedroom wall

John L.'s living room

John L.'s living room again

Here are some pictures Bobby T. took at the NHL Store in NYC:

And now I've got some sweet shots of Sunday's Game 2 win over the Flyers. First up are some sweet shots of the Pens arriving at the Mellon courtesy of Lexie101:

A HUNDRED THOUSAND THANKS to everyone who contributed to today's post. :) I've got more photos that I'm saving for another day off, so if you don't see yours here now, keep checking back because they will be posted! Tomorrow we've got a Hockey Night in Philadelphia (← oooh, that just doesn't have the same ring to it...) at 7:30pm Eastern.

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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