Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Hockeytown" My FOOT


Last night, I was showing my husband how to use Ticketmaster so if there's a Game 6, he can try for tickets at home while I try for a pair at work. Just for kicks, he suggested we try to "score" a pair of tickets to tonight's Game 1 at the Joe Louis Arena. Here are the results:

Now, have a look at where section 126 is. These would be sweet freaking seats - especially for a Stanley Cup Final game!!!

For a brief moment, we actually entertained the idea of making the 6½ hour drive to Detroit, but reality set in when we realized that we didn't have anyone to care for our three dogs. [*sigh*]

I got tips about this next story from Friends of The Show Bill in NS, Angele C., and Cathy F. From the Nova Scotia News Chronical Herald:
A young Sidney Crosby stares up at the camera, wearing a Wings jersey, his hockey stick in hand, a front tooth missing.

Wait a second. What is the Pittsburgh Penguins captain from Cole Harbour doing wearing the uniform of the team he hopes to defeat to win the Stanley Cup?
I saw this and almost passed out. He looks MUCH better in black and gold. ;)
"It’s pretty ironic, eh? I never thought of it before, but he was a Cole Harbour Wing," Kelly Rambeau, principal at one of the hockey star’s former elementary schools, said Friday.
Evidently, the Saint's old school thought the red and white color scheme was in need of an update:
Crosby’s elementary alma mater even changed the name of its sports teams to the Penguins shortly after he was drafted into the NHL in 2005. Their colours are black and gold.

"It might just be coincidence," Rambeau said, tongue planted firmly in cheek.

A sign in front of the famous athlete’s former school says: "Go Pens Go. Bring home the Cup, Sid."
Included in the article is this photo of a library book Sid the Kid checked out when he was in Grade 5.

Cathy also sent in a link to an article about a 9 year old Michigan resident who loves both Sid and the Red Wings. From
He can't root against the Wings.

And he can't root against Crosby.

He'd love to see Crosby get a hat trick and the Wings win 4-3.
[*GASP!!*] Since he's only 9, we'll forgive him for that. Make sure you check out the rest of that article. It details how the boy wrote to Sid and what Sid's response was.

I'm going on record now predicting Pens for the Stanley Cup WIN in 6. Start leaving your predictions in the comments below.

Thanks go out to Bill, Angele, and Cathy for the links!!!

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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