Monday, August 25, 2008

Long Time No Post

Haha, I did something this weekend that I haven't done since before I started college - after I left work on Friday at 5pm, I didn't even touch a computer until this morning at 8am!!! :) It was my husband's birthday yesterday, and I spent all weekend preparing a big turkey feast and a homemade tiramisu for him (if you like this dessert, here's the recipe I used - it was so much easier than I had anticipated and SO FREAKING GOOD), so I didn't really have time to fire up my computer at home.

I'm taking you up on your offer, Jan. This is the next picture of the Saint that I'd like to see in pencil - but feel free to omit the blue Gatorade sweat. ;)

While I was away, it certainly doesn't seem like I missed much. The dog days of summer are winding down, and the Pens are going to start training camp soon, so we just have to make it through a few more weeks.

Friend of The Show AustinLovesCrosby sent in an article that will help us get to know our new tough guy, Eric Godard, a little better. Here's a sample:
The 28-year-old Godard, who played minor hockey in Vernon, is going to his third NHL team. He will be the Pens' main enforcer.

"I got my start in that division (with the Rangers). They've got such a good young team and I'm really excited to see how it works out and where I fit in."

Godard is the one on the right "discussing things" with George Parros.

On Penguin franchise-saver Sidney Crosby: "He's a good player. You could see from his first year, when I was in New York, he was definitely the real deal."
Also in the news, Head Coach Michel Therrien thinks that the Pens' injury plagued 2007-08 season has better prepared them to deal with the loss of Ryan Whitney. Besides, he's missing games at the start of the season - there will be plenty of time to move up in the standings when he returns IF the Pens struggle without him.

We've got more Friends in faraway places - Andrea H. sent in this picture all the way from Germany:

Over the weekend, Sidney Penguin continued on in his adventures across North America. He made a long, transatlantic trip from Nova Scotia to Seattle...

...where he met up with good Friend of The Show Daily Su. He alleviated his jet lag with a bottle of Crosby Cabernet and then, well, I'll just let her tell you all about it:
Today was "Take Your Penguin to Work Day". Sidney Penguin went to visit a TV station in Seattle. He liked everything he saw, but loved hanging out with the helicopter the most. He now wants to learn how to be a pilot (our helicopter is called "SkyKing" - our station call letters are KING).

I'll leave you today with TSCS's Quote of The Day:
"Half the game is mental; the other half is being mental."

~ Jim McKenny

Many thank yous to Friends AustinLovesCrosby and Andrea for their help with today's post! :)

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