Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Silly Sid Stuff

Have I got a few good pictures for you today! Yesterday, good Friend of The Show Jan M. sent me this first one. Way back in the day, it seems that Sid experimented with hair dyes. My guess is that he was attempting to go blonde but didn't realize how much bleach it would actually take to make his naturally very dark hair turn into a buttery shade of gold. Instead, what he got was a hue very similar to the color of my car (Dodge calls it Sunburst Orange Pearl):

Maybe I'm wrong. Perhaps he really was trying to match his hair to his jersey on purpose.

So I found this next gem several months ago after an anonymous tipster pointed me towards a forum on which someone had posted it. Some of you actually may have already seen it. I debated whether or not I should post it since there are two other people in the photo - mostly because I didn't receive the photo from either one of them. Ultimately, I decided that if I blurred out their faces, the picture would be okay to use on The Show. (They both look perfectly lovely - I just didn't want to post their images without their permission.) Anyhoo, when I first saw the photo, I imagined a scenario in my head. To relay my vision to you, I've given the girls fake names - "Jennifer" and "Jessica". This pic was taken at a party, so in my mind, it became a graduation party...
Jennifer: Oh, Jessica! We're about to graduate and go off to college. I'm going to miss you soooo much!!!

Jessica: I'm going to miss you, too, Jennifer! You know, we need to take a really nice picture that we can put in a frame and hang in our dorm rooms. That way we'll always remember to keep in touch!

Jennifer: GREAT IDEA, JESS! Hey, do you think you could you take our picture?

Photographer: Yeah, sure. Hold my drink for a second, would ya, Sid?

Jennifer: Thanks so much. Okay, ready?

Jessica: Ready!

Photographer: All right, girls, say cheese...

And here is what the girls saw when they got their camera back:

If I was "Jennifer" or "Jessica", I'd be more offended by that sweater.

Recently, Friend of The Show Jill E. sent in a picture for us. Recall that we mentioned earlier this month that everything around us reminds us of the hockey we're not yet enjoying. Well, this week Jill was reminded of Evgeni Malkin:
My hockey team was sent to run around Baltimore, Maryland today to participate in our own "Amazing Race". This consisted of many random events and A LOT of running. We ended up finishing over by the Orioles Stadium and the Ravens Stadium where I spotted a Sports Bar named GINO's. I couldn't resist and managed getting a picture as my team ran by.

Sidney Penguin is still making his way around North America. (Hahaha, according to Google Maps, he's traveled more than 9,800 miles!) He came back to the East Coast to visit Friend of The Show Carlie D. in North Tonawanda, NY:

Holy gas guzzling, Batman! Check out that cross-country back-track! Sidney Penguin must drive a hybrid.

Here's a zoomed view of Buffalo and North Tonawanda:

Here's Carlie with our own Roaming Sidney Penguin:

I have that Sidney pennant, too. It's hanging up in our guest room. :)

Finally today, I unfortunately don't know the name of the person who coined TSCS's Quote of The Day, but I figured since today's post was so light-hearted, we'd need a funny quote to close it out:
"Hockey players wear numbers because you can’t always identify the body with dental records."

~ Anonymous
That's gonna hurt tomorrow!

Many thanks go out to Jan, Jill, and Carlie for their contributions to today's post! :)

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