Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Catching Up

First things first: Sid is sitting out of tonight's game. There's no need to get too worked up about it. It's probably precautionary and one would hate to risk injury before the regular season even begins. Nevertheless, we'll be keeping an eye on this...

Good Friend and former partner in crime (from my short stint at Taking One For The Team) Loser Chris started The Flower Shop - a blog devoted entirely to our young netminder - earlier this year. Now he's looking for some help with it. If you're interested, find out more about becoming a contributor here.

I need to let you all know that I'm really behind in my emails because of the transition out of my current job into my new job, but please know that I am getting to each and every email sent to me. It just may take me a couple of days to get back to you. I promise I will eventually write back! ;)

As promised, here are some more photos from our Friends of The Show who were lucky enough to get to go to Friday's practice. First up, we've got some great photos from Friend Dave H. Of them he said:
Is it just me, or in #33 (3rd row, 4th picture) does it look like Gill is an adult sitting in on a kids game? That guy is just huge.

#47 (4th row, 1st picture) may be the goal Satan scored on Fleury, you can see the puck right behind MAF's helmet, but #50 (4th row, 2nd picture) is definitely the goal that Malkin scored on Sabourin, you can see the blur going over his glove. [snoop: That is an AMAZING shot, Dave!]

And #39 (4th row, 5th picture) is just an interesting shot of the support pillar for the Igloo, and I threw it in.
Here are Dave's pictures. He included a few more sweet shots of the Igloo. Also, check out how the Saint seems to look radioactive in his practice jersey in the first picture in the third row:

Now we've got a set from Friend Vanessa D. She said this in her email:
My 17 year old daughter took some of these and I took some but she is definitely a better photographer than me.

[snoop: She then responded to my lament that I had spent a LOT of money on Pens tickets this past Saturday.] She is also WAY better than either me or my husband on the computer and she managed to get us tickets to 6 games - all section A... Don’t feel bad about the $$. I guess I’m not going to be getting that new refrigerator any time soon either. Oh well. I guess I can hold out a little longer.
Here are her pictures:

Those were AWESOME!!! My absolute favorite is the giant Hal Gill taping his stick. I love how a man his size can still look like a happy little kid when he gets to play hockey! :)

We've got another installment of Roaming Penguins today. This time, Mario Penguin went on an adventure with Friend of The Show Mer R.:
[Here are photos of] the first adventures of (my) Mario-Penguin. We went to Garibaldi Provincial Park in Squamish BC a couple weekends ago and he took in the spectacular view (and we both got a bit lost in the enormity of it).
Click the pictures to enlarge them so you can see Mario and Mer:

That view is BREATHTAKING. :) If you have Roaming Penguins pictures to contribute, just click the Contact snoop button and send them to me in an email.

And now it's that time again! Here is another TSCS Quote of The Day:
"Hockey is the only job I know where you get paid to have a nap on the day of the game."

~ goaltender Chico Resch

Special thanks go out to Dave, Vanessa (and her daughter!), and Mer for their contributions to today's post. :)

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