Friday, September 19, 2008

Start Your Weekend With Sid

snoop = stunned

Over the past 24 hours, my inbox has exploded with so many fantastic photos that our Friends of The Show have taken since training camp began. I'm stoked to share them with you. (If you're on dialup, give this page a few minutes to load - there are a ton of pics!) Each thumbnail enlarges to a large photo with just a click. I've picked one favorite photo from each set and enlarged it.

First we'll take a look at Friend Pens87Fan71's pictures from last night's Town Hall Meeting:
Here are the pictures from last night! I got front row! WOOO what a rush! No really - I had to run to get the front row. :P
Well, Pens87Fan71, it was totally worth it because these shots are unreal:

This shot is AMAZING! Pens87Fan71 didn't say for certain, but it looks like he was actually posing for her! :)

My other favorite picture is the one of Siddo and Max laughing (first row, last pic), but that shot of Geno looking right at the camera and smiling is just unreal. Now we've got Friend Susan S.'s pictures from Wednesday's practice:

And finally today, we've got Friend Cara C.'s pictures from Thursday's practice:

Cara remembered that TheNWChica had requested a photo of Matt Cooke and obliged with this shot:

What incredible photos!!! Many, many, MANY thanks to Pens87Fan71, Susan, and Cara for sharing their amazing photos with us! :)

LATE EDIT: Click here to watch the video of the Town Hall Meeting if you missed it.

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