Monday, September 15, 2008

Training Camp Starts Tomorrow

As such, that means Sidney's last season stats, the scoreboard, and the Stanley Cup graphics will be removed in preparation for all the Stanley Cup Champs '09 graphics we're going to need in nine months... ;)

Just in time for training camp, Roaming Penguins Mama Stephanie S. is ready to open up the orders for multiples. Here are all the details:

Ok, kids, it’s time……to open up penguin orders so that everyone can order as many as they want! Now, let me start by saying that I have about 24 penguins on the current list, so it’s going to be a month before I can even start on the new ones. This process will once again be a “first come, first served” basis. I know a few people expressed interest in more than one penguin from the get go, but I couldn’t think of any fair way to let some people order multiples ahead of other folks that may not have said anything. So I hope you all understand!

Anyway, the process is pretty much the same (see here for details). E-mail me at and let me know which players you want. If you have ordered before, you only need to give me your full name because I will still have your address in my spreadsheet. I have not done the full research on postage (the first round was easy!), but it’s possible if you order three or more that I will have to send them Priority Postage (which is a little more). The boxes and envelopes for that are free, which is easier on me.

Odds and ends….if you are thinking you will want penguins to give as gifts for the holidays, get your orders in NOW. There will come a time (and it may come very quickly) when I cannot promise they will get there in time…especially in Canada since those penguins seem to hit a strong head wind that slows them down! Secondly, if you want to order “generic” penguins, that can be done. I don’t have to put numbers on them or even hockey sticks….just in case you know someone who likes penguins but is not a hockey fan (I know….banish the thought!)

Thanks to everyone for the very, VERY kind words through all this! I’ve gotten so many compliments and so many people telling me to “take your time, no rush, try to do other things”. I appreciate it all and seeing the pictures makes me smile BIG grins!! (and, by the way, I am now over 70 orders… more than $350 will make it’s way to the MLF! You guys rock!!)
That is great, but it would be sweet to hit 100 orders so we could send an even $500 to the MLF, don't you think?

Friend of The Show Imogen found this article that tells us about a chance meeting between Sid and Marian Hossa while they were both at a resort in the Bahamas in June. Evidently following their encounter, Siddo returned to the Northeast convinced that Hossa intended to stay in Pittsburgh. What a mistake.

[*Sigh*] I suppose we could look at it this way - Hossa had the world's coolest temp job.

I'm a little late on this, but CONGRATS TO GENO, who finished the 2007-08 season as the NHL leader in points on home ice - besting even 65-goals-for-the-season-scoring Alexander Ovechkin!!! :)

WOOOOOO!!! Way to go, Geno! :)

Speaking of Ovechkin, it seems there is a conspiracy to keep Pens fans out of Washington. If you're planning on heading to D.C.'s Verizon Center in order to again fill the arena with a majority of Pens fans, you're going to have a problem getting tickets. Friend of The Show Tony F. from The Confluence of The Three Rivers found out that individual tickets for both Pens games in D.C. will not be available. WTF?! Are they so tired of having the "Let's Go Pens!!!" chant dominate their own arena that they don't even care about all that revenue they get from the visiting Pens fans? I guess money really ISN'T everything...

...but you'd think the Capitals brass would appreciate the irony of using funds from selling tickets to Pens fans to pay for A.O.'s hefty salary. :P

Friend of The Show Daily Su was able to send in another shot of Sidney Penguin in Seattle's Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk. This time, he is posing in front of The Wall of Inspiration:

Apparently a three day walk wasn't enough exercise for Sidney Penguin - over the weekend, he made his way over to Colorado Springs...

...where he joined Friend of The Show Nadia C. and her pal for a hike on a trail that leads up to Pike's Peak:

The trail has an incline that goes from 6200 feet to 8400 feet at a 50 degree angle. In Nadia's words, "It kicks your butt!"

They made it!!! What a GORGEOUS view!

Haha, I love that he's waving at us in this pic! :)

Today, we turn to an icon for TSCS's Quote of The Day:
"Every day is a great day for hockey."

~ Mario Lemeiux

Indeed. :) Thanks go out to Stephanie, Imogen, Tony, Su, and Nadia for helping out with today's post!

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