Friday, September 05, 2008

A Man's Game

Siddo made the cover of the local Nova Scotian newspaper for earning the Order of Nova Scotia honor. Friend of The Show and fellow Maritimer Sarah T. sent in these photos of The Chronicle-Herald:

Friend of The Show Alyse had a bad thing happen to her computer that inspired her to send in an idea for another TSCS Project before the 2008-09 season gets underway. I'll let her explain:
Over the summer my computer totally crashed and died, and I lost all my lovely Penguins wallpapers I had made and/or collected. I was thinking maybe you can put it out to everyone on The Show, like your previous post where we all sent in pictures of our favorite Penguins stuff, but maybe this time we can all either design a Penguins and/or Crosby wallpaper and send it in OR send in an already made wallpaper that is just our favorite. Then maybe you can collect them all and post them - that way we could all have different and unique wallpapers to use throughout the season!
Hahaha, I've always got work for you guys to do, right?! ;) Seriously, I thought this was a fantastic idea - I've already got several of my favorite wallpapers gathered for this project! I think a week should be long enough, so how about we say the cut off date for submissions is next Friday (09-12-08) evening? Send in your favorite wallpapers and a quick note about where you found it, or create your own and send it in along with how you want to be credited for your work to

Friend of The Show Maria T. found this video of NHL reporter Carrie Milbank's look at the NHL Player Media Tour. Our title man appears early on in the video - right before Ms. Milbank located the players' makeup table! :P

Friend of The Show Imogen sent in this picture of a "motivational" poster featuring an unhappy Siddo:

Imogen also found that the Google News version of the Canadian Press's announcement of Sid's Order of Nova Scotia award featured a map of Halifax - in the U.K.! You'd think that, considering it came from the Canadian Press, Google wouldn't miss that one! The link doesn't work anymore, but fortunately I captured a screenshot of the error:

(Click to enlarge)

We've enjoyed Friend of The Show Jan M.'s drawings of Sid for the last part of this summer. She offered to do one of a picture I chose. The one I originally picked had an issue with lighting, so she sent me a few others that I could pick from. Here's the result:

Thanks so much, Jan! I love it!! :)

Jan has started her own website to showcase her drawings. It will be linked in the blogroll in a few days when I do my monthly update. Look for it to appear under the "Essential Sid Links" section.

Friend of The Show XDanceXXforXXmeX went back to school and decorated her dormroom in a Penguins theme, too. Her captions explain the photos:

"The first one is all the photos next to my bed. My room mate and I have bunk beds, I got the bottom and decided to fill that wall space properly."

"The next is a photo of my Sidney figurine and my Pens license plate above my desk."

"The third is a photo of my jersey and my penguin I received for graduation whom I have dubbed to be Arthur (for no reason whatsoever). But he came from my best friend Paige, and it was necessary he be included. :-P"

Today's title was inspired by TSCS's Quote of The Day:
"Hockey is a man's game. The team with the most real men wins."

~ General Manager of the U.S. Ice hockey team for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Brian Burke

There's NO DOUBT our Boys of Winter are real men.

Many thanks to Sarah, Alyse, Maria, Imogen, Jan, and XDanceXXforXXmeX for their help with today's post! :) FYI - There is big news coming this weekend regarding our Roaming Penguins... (Don't worry; it's GOOD news!)

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