Thursday, September 04, 2008

Another Day, Another Award

It seems fitting that TSCS's 800th post gives me a chance to tell you about yet another award and record breaking achievement bestowed upon our title man. From The Canadian Press:
NHL star Sidney Crosby leads the list of Nova Scotians honoured Thursday with the Order of Nova Scotia.

He's going to need a separate house just for all these awards, trophies, and honors! :)

Crosby, who recently turned 21, is the youngest person to receive the award which recognizes those who've made "significant contributions to the province and the country."
I had never heard of the Order of Nova Scotia honor before, so I headed over to the Wikipedia page:
The Order of Nova Scotia, established in 2001, is the highest honour of the province of Nova Scotia presented in the name of the Crown. A maximum of 5 individuals are awarded annually.

The Order of Nova Scotia medal

...[The honor is given to] any Canadian citizen who is a present or former long-term resident of Nova Scotia, save for federal, provincial, and municipal representatives, and judges while still in office. [It is] awarded for outstanding contributions or achievements that bring honour and prestige to themselves and to Nova Scotia.
When I Googled the words "Order of Nova Scotia," the Nova Scotian government page was the first result. Two clicks later, and I found Siddo's nominee profile (second one down):
Rarely has there been such a positive and influential role model for young people in Nova Scotia as Sidney Crosby. ...He has never forgotten his roots and returns often to offer encouragement and support to the youth of his community. Sidney Crosby has exemplified what we, as Nova Scotians, want for our young people.

Looking beyond his outstanding athletic ability, performances, and achievements, there is a person of humble, honest, and hard-working qualities that epitomizes our great province, and the characteristics of our people. Sidney Crosby has made history in the hockey world. Today he makes history as the first youth recipient of the Order of Nova Scotia.
WOW! Once again, BIG congratulations go out to Sidney!!! :) In honor of this accomplishment, we'll look to the Saint for TSCS's Quote of The Day:
"What do you call a life dedicated to hockey? I call it time well spent."

Friend of The Show 71Crush deserves a "Thank you very much!" for sending in the Canadian Press article.

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