Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Six Days Until Training Camp Begins

Training camp starts in less than a week!!! You can get all the details as well as the practice and preseason game schedules here. (Tip of the hat to Friend of The Show Jan M. for sending the link to me, which made me realize that I had forgotten to include it in today's post even though I used it for the title. I think I'm losing my mind, LOL!)

I am so excited! I got an email from a new Friend of The Show yesterday, Björn A., who just happens to live in Sweden:
I'm just sending a little hello from Herrljunga, Sweden! Got my ticket for the game on October 5th, so psyched about finally getting to see the Penguins live, got up in the middle of the night to see them for over 40 regular season games + all of the playoff games last season.
Included in the email was a photo:

Now you KNOW I just had to ask Björn this question:
Congrats on getting a ticket for the October 5th game! That will be an AMAZING game!! I would absolutely LOVE to be there... Do you think I could impose and request a few photos of the game? Getting some photos from the inside from someone who is actually going to be there would be fantastic!
To which Björn replied:
I will send in some pictures from the game, sure, actually I was already planning on sending in some photos :P
I think I speak for everyone when I say I can't wait to get them and have a WONDERFUL time at the game, Björn!!!

So I saw this on CNN yesterday and I thought it was a typo: Slovakia's women's ice hockey pummels Bulgaria 82-0. Turns out, it was correct. YIKES! That's an average of 1.367 goals per minute! That's quite a beating - more like something I'd expect if the Pens played a high school team! :P

From the "Who the hell would watch this?" department: poor Friend of The Show Stephanie S., who now has to endure having IFHSA™ on her beloved Stars team, found this piece on that New Line Cinema - yes, this is the same company that brought us the unmatched awesomeness of The Lord of The Rings trilogy - is planning to make a movie about the life and times of Sean Avery, Vogue intern. I have but one thing to say about that. W-T-F?!?! It gets even worse - it's going to be a romantic comedy. Unreal.

It makes me wanna gag, too, Sean.

Kim S. can be added to the list of Friends of The Show who have "Pensified" [← *nods at Jaime for coming up with that word*] their dormrooms:

A Friend of The Show was bored on the commute home from work and discovered that an anagram of SIDNEY PATRICK CROSBY is "SCORED BY A TRICKY SPIN." It's fitting, don't you think? :) If you come up with any other good ones, let me know.

After taking a short break, Sidney Penguin is on the move again. He left Welland and made his way south to Austin, Texas...

...where good Friend of The Show AustinLovesCrosby him to her favorite restaurant, Home Slice Pizza in downtown Austin:

Her own caption explains the second photo:

"I took my Sidney Penguin to the big D for some field hockey; at 105 ̊ we were the Girls of Summer!!!"

It's time again for TSCS's Quote of The Day. Today's quote is a reminder why IFHSA™ is a more than appropriate acronym for him:
"I think it was typical of most French guys in our league with a visor on, running around and playing tough and not back anything up."

~ Sean Avery commenting on an incident in 2005 in which forward Jeremy Roenick suffered one of his many concussions after he took a hard, clean hit from defenseman Denis Gauthier in a preseason game
What a tool.

Thank yous go out to Jan, Björn, Stephanie, Kim, the anagram Friend, and AustinLovesCrosby for their contributions to today's post. :)

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