Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sid and Mario Go to the US Open

Holy frick, if you believe in omens and signs, have I got a good one for you right now...

I'm short on time, but when I saw this, I knew I had to post it ASAP. Friend of The Show Lauren H. sent in this article that tells us that Sid and Mario decided to take in a tennis game:
The NHL was well represented on the red carpet. Hall of Famer Mario Lemieux showed up with current hockey sensation Sidney Crosby. New York Ranger Marcus Naslund gave his match prediction and seemed quite confident that Roger Federer would prevail. Naslund said, “Murry’s played really well but I’m a huge Federer fan so I think he’ll pull it off.”
So after reading the article, I saved the picture of Mario (who is looking fit and fantastic, BTW) and then went to save the picture of the Saint (also looking fab and ready for training camp) when I noticed something - Sid's picture file was named "Stanley-Crosby"!!!

I think it's a sign! :)

Sneak peek: I'll have some Roaming Penguin pics, a quote, and more for you tomorrow! :) Big thanks to Lauren for the link!

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