Thursday, September 18, 2008

Town Hall Meeting Tonight

Roaming Penguin mama Stephanie S. sent in a reminder that the Pens will be streaming their annual Town Hall Meeting live at 8:00pm tonight, so even if you aren't a season ticket holder and can't be there in person, you are still invited to be a part of it. :)

Friend of The Show Ali W. found this piece on that Miroslav Satan is hoping that our expectations of him are reasonable. He's (understandably) nervous that Pens fans are going to expect him to perform like Marian Hossa especially since he might fill that vacant spot on Siddo's line. But from everything I've seen and heard so far, it seems like that is a worry Satan (← I just love typing that!) needn't have.

Sid is shown here again at last year's town hall meeting.

I got this tip from Friend of The Show Carlie D. She said, "Go to and vote for Sidney in the 'Who would you take first overall in a hockey pool?' poll. It's on the main page about half way down." TSN will reveal the results one week from today.

There was some sad news this week. Friend of The Show Susan M. sent in a link that tells that Jack Falla - Boston University professor, former hockey writer for Sports Illustrated, and author of books such as Saved - passed away at age 62.

Friends Lauren H. and Jan M. both sent in this link to an interview with Siddo on the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's website, but I was having issues trying to get the site to load today. I'm including the link anyways because 1.) the entire site is having issues, not just this particular page, and 2.) the IT department is likely working feverishly to get the problem fixed, so it will probably be working again later today. On the plus side, Jan also sent this priceless picture of the Saint that accompanied the article:

I think someone is uncomfortable... :P

Just a few days ago, we had our wallpaper project post. There was one wallpaper that I had to omit because it used a direct quote from a Friend with whom we could not get in touch for permission to use it. Jaime made the wallpaper using a quote from Mer R., but school was keeping her busy, so Mer didn't get my email in time for the post. When Mer finally got back to us, she gave us the green light to post it. So here is Jaime's tribute to Mad Max Talbot's last second tying goal and Petr Sykora's subsequent game winner in the third overtime of Stanley Cup Final Game 5. It features a quote taken from Mer's comment on the recap:

Friend of The Show Pens87Fan71 went to yesterday's practice and sent us in some incredible pictures. (She is the commenter formerly known as Lexie101, so longtime Friends of The Show will remember she sent in SEVERAL amazing pictures last season.) She was so close to the bench that she was able to hear this exchange:
One reason the boyfriends [of the girls in the stands] are good sports: the guy that was behind me saw Letang and said, "Ahh, Letang!! What a dream boat!" (lol) One of the guys heard it on the bench and started cracking up and telling the rest of the guys on the bench. Then they told Letang, who looked a little creeped out, haha!
Bahahahahaha! :P That's great! Then she told me about a sign she made for Geno Malkin:
[Since I had my camera there] I made a sign that said, "Smile for me Geno." I would tap it on the glass, and then Geno would look away (playing). But then one time he just whacked his stick off the glass out of no where and smiled. It scared me half to death, and I didn't get the picture!!
That's okay, Pens87Fan71 - I think that story is actually better than a picture would have been. He doesn't do many interviews, so it's a nice glimpse at his personality. :) She closed by saying that white team beat the black team 3-1. Check out some of her photos:

WOW - now that's CLOSE!!!

I'm so excited about these next pictures because they are the first of what I hope are many Roaming Penguins pictures from this location (hint, hint!)... After touring Dubois, PA, Marc-Andre Penguin decided to return the favor and take Friend of The Show Terri A. to the Mellon Arena just in time for the start of training camp:

And now, after all of that, it's time for TSCS's Quote of The Day:
Hockey is the original extreme sport.

~ Slippery Rock Head Coach Tom Ward

Many, many thanks go to Stephanie, Ali, Carlie, Susan, Lauren, Jan, Jaime, and Mer for their contribution to today's post, to Pens87Fan71 for the incredible practice photos, to Terri for the shots of MAP, and to all of the Friends of The Show who posted comments or sent me emails congratulating me on my new job. Next to actually delivering my resignation letter, reading your notes was the highlight of my day. :)

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