Wednesday, September 17, 2008



I'm outta here!!!

It's official! I turned in my resignation yesterday afternoon, and as of September 30, 2008, I am FREE!!!!!!!!! I will be starting my new job on October 13th. It's a better job, a better environment, better pay, slightly closer to my home, more stability, and more room for advancement - an all around upgrade - so I am just thrilled!

I just want to make it known right now that I have absolutely NO PLANS TO QUIT DOING THE SHOW. The only thing that will likely change is that posts will be going up in the evening once I start my new job.

There are not strong enough words in the English language to tell you how much I appreciate all the well wishes, good luck, and words of encouragement you all have sent over the past year. It has meant more to me than I can ever possibly say. I am forever indebted to all of you for giving me something so good to look forward to, even when things were at their worst. My husband, my sister, my two best friends, and all the Friends of The Show kept me sane.

For that, I dedicate this post as a thank you to each one of you.

Now, how long until we drop that frickin' puck??? ;)


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