Saturday, September 20, 2008

Roll Call

I'm either really dedicated to the Pens or really stupid - I just spent $599.80 and only got FOUR tickets to upcoming Pens games. But I think it was totally worth it because I'm going to get some WICKED pictures from these games!!!

I got 2 tickets to the March 17, 2009, game versus the Atlanta Thrashers - which thrills me to pieces because 1.) it will be our 8th wedding anniversary, and 2.) WE'LL GET TO SEE ARMY AND CRUSHER!!! :) :) :) :) :) We'll be sitting in section IGLO1E. I tried to find a picture of the view we'll be enjoying, but the Mellon Arena site isn't cooperating. It's only bringing up the view from F2 no matter where you click on the chart. I was able to play around and find some other images, but I wasn't able to figure out the name of the file for IGLO1E. But suffice it to say, the view is going to be awesome. Check out where we'll be on this map:

Then I got tickets to the April 9, 2009, game versus the New York Islanders. It is the last home game of the regular season, which means it is also Fan Appreciation Night! It will be the 3rd consecutive year we've been lucky enough to attend Fan Appreciation Night. Maybe this year I'll win the jersey off Siddo's back. Maybe, just maybe, the third time really will be the charm... ;) Here's what our view for this game will be (the file name for this image was easy to figure out):

Now I want to know how you guys did. Let us know in The Friends' Zone what tickets you were able to score.


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