Monday, October 13, 2008

Day One Was Fun

I finally started my new job today! It was a day full of meetings, but even so, it was a lot of fun. I think I'm really going to like it there! An added bonus: it's 5:30pm, and I'm already home and in my P.J.s!! NO MORE FIVE O'CLOCK TRAFFIC!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!! :D

Anyways, it looks more and more like I won't be having a chance to answer emails during the day as I did at my old job, but with the extra time I now have at home every night, I hope to be caught up in a week's time. (I'm sooooo far behind on Roaming Penguins it's not even FUNNY.) So I'm going to scratch the surface tonight and get to some of the stuff I've received.

First up, Friend of The Show Paula C. sent in this clip of Sid on TSN's Off The Record - The Next Question:

Friend of The Show Stagerat sent this next tidbit along. IFHSA™ is at it again, and the season just started last week! In the NHL, a player can receive only 2 game misconduct penalties per season without consequence. Once said player gets nailed with a third, he is suspended. (Do you see where this is going?) From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
Sean Avery used both of his lifelines Saturday night against Nashville.

He's a douche with a capital bag.

Avery, the much-ballyhooed agitator who signed a four-year, $15.5 million contract with the Stars in the summer, received an automatic game misconduct penalty for participating in a "second altercation" -- a fight away from a fight that had already started. He then received a second game misconduct penalty for arguing with referees.
A suspension? It should be an expulsion. In the NHL, there are the guys you love to hate (like Hossa - because you have to admit, he's a lot of fun to watch), and then there's IFHSA™. That guy is an embarrassment to the game.

Sad news to report. Good Friend Maria T. found this article detailing the sudden, shocking cardiac arrest death of 19-year-old Rangers draft pick Alexei Cherepanov in a KHL game in Russia on Monday. I found a little more information from The New York Times:
The Russian Web site reported the cause of death as cardiac arrest.

According to the Russian daily Sport-Express, Cherepanov’s collapse was not preceded by a collision with another player or blows to the head or chest. The newspaper reported that doctors were able to resuscitate Cherepanov for only about two minutes during their efforts.

The newspaper reported that Jaromir Jagr, the former Ranger who joined Avangard this season and was seen as a mentor to Cherepanov, was distraught and in tears after the game.
So, so awful.

Changing the subject back to happier things, Friend of The Show Lisa-Marie W. recently had a birthday. Her family got her the BEST. BIRTHDAY CAKE. EVER.:

That's quite a cake! (Click to enlarge)

Check out some sweet pictures from Saturday's home opener that Friend of The Show Lizzybeth8771 took from her amazing seats (click them to enlarge):

And finally tonight, we had our first Roaming Penguin land overseas! Marc-Andre Penguin arrived in Duisburg, Germany to visit the home of Friend of The Show Anne H. Her own words explain the photos:
First of all he learned to know some of his new familiy members (pic 01)...

...and became friends with a mascot of my favorite soccer team (pic 02).

On Friday we went cycling and he saw the Regattabahn Duisburg, where several world rowing and canoeing championships took place (pics 03-05).

Afterwards I showed him the stadium of our local soccer team (pic 06).

Today we took a walk through Landschaftspark Nord, which is part of the industrial landscape characteristic of the area I live in (pic 09).

That is AWESOME, Anne!!! I was thrilled to pieces to see the little guy in Europe!

Thanks to everyone - Paula, Stagerat, Maria, Lisa-Marie, Lizzybeth8771, and Anne - for their assistance with tonight's post.

Tomorrow. The Flyers. Crush the orange.

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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