Friday, October 03, 2008

Pens v Jokerit (W 4-1) Exhibition Game

Way back on June 8th of this year I got an email from a Finnish Friend of The Show:
Hey! I'm Marjo, a huge hockey and Sidney Crosby fan from Finland. We Finns also have a unique opportunity to see Sid and the Pens in Finland in October. Before Pens start their NHL-season in Stockholm, Sweden, they are playing an exhibition match against a Finnish team called Jokerit in Helsinki, Finland, on October 2, 2008. The tickets sold out in 28 minutes! Luckily I got a ticket. Of course no one has said if all the stars are playing, but because the season starts in Sweden, there is a good reason to expect that. I'm really looking forward to this match!
You all know me well enough by now to know that of course I requested some photos. ;) Well, Marjo contacted me this evening:
So the game was yesterday. The Hartwall Arena, where the match was played, was sold out. I travelled 300 kilometres because of the event and I wasn't the only one to travel. As I said, it was a unique chance to see foreign NHL-stars in Finland. Because the game was an exhibition, neither of the teams weren't giving all they got, but the match was still okay. The result and the statistics you have probably read from the Pens official website. Sidney had three assists and the second one was a beauty ;) Here you can see all the goals (except the empty net) and some comments from Sidney [snoop: The announcer speaks Finnish, but Sid's interview is subtitled so his comments are not dubbed over]:

Anyway, you asked in the summer if I could send you some pictures of the game and that's why I'm sending you this e-mail :) It was a great event and who knows if the Pens or Crosby never come to Finland again!

Hopefully these pictures reach you! :) Keep up the good work and yaayy the season starts tomorrow in our neighboring country Sweden! ;)
Here are all of her amazing photos of Siddo and the Boys on the ice with Jokerit (click the photos to enlarge them):

MARJO!!!!!! Hopefully I get this right - PALJON KIITOKSIA for sharing these with us! :D This is the perfect way to officially close this offseason.

I'm finally contributing to the Roaming Penguins saga again! (Uh, I cut in line - I still have other Roaming Penguins stories from some of our Friends, and I promise I'm going to continue to post them in the order in which I received them.) My best friend Liz, her 4 year old daughter (my Goddaughter) Kayla, and I took Sidney and Mario Penguin to watch my husband play a little hockey last night.

S.P., Snoop, and M.P. seem to be looking in the completely opposite direction of the action on the ice. That's my husband sporting the number 71 in yellow! :)

Here's Kayla squishing Snoopy, Sidney Penguin, and Mario Penguin with love while the teams face off in the background.

Mario, Snoop, and Sidney finally look the right way to catch a glimpse of my husband (he's the one in the yellow jersey closest to us) skating near the blue line.

I have to say that it has been great spending the offseason with you guys. We got a few projects done, had a few laughs, shared some photos, wasted some time, and started the Roaming Penguins project. :) Now I don't know about you, but I'M READY FOR THAT PUCK TO DROP!!! The season begins tomorrow!!!!!!!

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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